What Is The Best MLM Leads Source? (That Will Work In 2023)

Many MLM companies promise you will make millions with little effort. But most fail because they don’t understand how to get leads and then convert prospects into customers.

Getting leads matters: an effective MLM lead generation system will help you build a thriving network marketing business. In this guide, we’ll share with you the top ways and channels to find quality MLM prospects in 2023. 

Some of the current network marketing leaders tested these techniques, and they work very well. They also save you tons of time and energy. And since they’re replicable,  scalable, and semi-automated, they are extremely sustainable over time.

Once you’ve learned how to get MLM leads and convert prospects into sales, you’ll be able to build a solid business without spending hours upon hours prospecting.

What is a lead?

A lead is any individual who expresses interest in learning more about a product or service.

A lead could be someone who wants to sign up for a free trial, someone who wants to read about a certain topic, or someone who wants to hear about a special promotion.

Targeted leads are generated in many ways, such as through building an email list, running ads on social media, or writing strategic blog posts. Once a lead becomes qualified, meaning he or she has expressed interest in purchasing something, marketers try to convert him or her into a paying customer.

Leads are a great source of revenue for businesses, especially since they tend to be much more loyal than traditional random customers. 

What is an MLM lead?

An MLM lead is any individual who signs up for a multilevel marketing opportunity.

These individuals may already be familiar with the product or service you sell, or they could be completely unfamiliar. Regardless of why they signed up, they are now part of your sales funnel.

They’ve taken the first step towards becoming a customer, and you want to keep them engaged throughout the entire process.

To do this, you need to give them something valuable to look forward to. One way to do this is by offering them exclusive deals and discounts. Another way is by giving them free samples of your product.

Whatever method you use, make sure it’s something that will encourage them to continue down the path to becoming a paying customer or a distributor in your downline.

What is lead generation?

Lead generation is the process of finding prospects for your business. Prospects are individuals who may be interested in buying your product or service. Once you identify these quality prospects, you can nurture them until they eventually convert into paying customers.

There are many ways to generate leads, including online advertising, direct mail campaigns, events, and cold calling. Each method has pros and cons, so you should try different ones to see what works best for your business.

What is network marketing lead generation?

Network marketing lead generation is the process of generating qualified sales leads through businesses that offer network marketing programs and through online sources such as website forms and landing pages.

MLM lead generation requires the ability to recognize who your ideal clients are, and then generate a list of names and email addresses. Once you have these lists, it’s up to you to follow up, through personalized communication strategies, to promote your business opportunities. 

1. MLM leads from digital advertising

Lead generation through digital advertising is a method of generating sales leads and network marketing prospects. These leads are generated through paid advertisements on channels like Google Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

Digital advertising spending worldwide 2021-2026Pin
Digital advertising spending worldwide 2021-2026 | Source: Statista

The goal of these ads is to generate interest in a product or service, and once that interest is created, the advertiser follows up with a phone call or email to convert the prospect into a sale.

There are many different ways to advertise, but the two most popular methods are PPC (pay per click) and PPM (pay for 1,000 impressions).

MLM leads from digital advertisingPin

The most effective channels to get qualified potential leads are:

Google Search Ads

Google AdWords is a paid advertising platform owned by Google. It lets businesses pay to display advertisements on Google’s search results pages. These advertisements appear above organic listings (as sponsored links).

In addition to the ads in SERP, there is a different way to advertise on Google: through Google Display Network, which displays ads on Google properties and on third-party websites.

Some businesses use both methods to maximize their exposure.

If you’re new to Google Ads and want to start learning the basics, you’ll find Google’s tutorial here.

Why is Google good for MLM lead generation?

Google Ads is great for lead generation because it allows you to target your ideal prospects. Instead of having to manually type in keywords as you would with paid advertising, you can let Google figure out what you’re trying to sell and serve ads specifically to people who are most likely to convert.

This is especially useful if you’re selling something that requires a lot of education. By targeting people who are already familiar with your product, you can save yourself the trouble of educating them further.

Another advantage of Google Ads is that you can track conversions right away. If you see that your ads aren’t converting, you can adjust your strategy immediately without wasting money.

YouTube Ads

YouTube Ads are advertisements that appear on videos uploaded to YouTube, and they’re meant to encourage viewers to click on them.

Advertisers pay YouTube to display these ads on videos that fit certain criteria. Some of these criteria include topics, keywords, views, likes, dislikes, and comments. Once the advertiser pays, the ads appear automatically on the videos.

There are many different ways to advertise on YouTube, such as banner ads, promoted videos, and sponsored playlists. However, the most popular type of advertisement is called a preroll, which appears right before the viewer watches a video. Prerolls are sometimes called autoplay ads since they always play without any interaction from the viewer.

If you’re new to YouTube Ads and want to start learning the basics, you’ll find YouTube’s tutorial here.

Why is YouTube good for MLM lead generation?

YouTube is great for generating leads because it’s totally visual and popular among billions of people worldwide. People love watching videos, especially when they’re trying to solve problems or learn something new.

Videos are also great for getting attention and engagement, which translates into leads. 

Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are advertisements that appear on Facebook pages. These ads are designed to generate interest in your product or service among your followers.

They can be highly targeted, meaning that only people who meet certain criteria see the ad. Or they can be broader, reaching out to anyone with an affinity with the chosen audience. Either way, Facebook ads are an excellent tool for generating leads for network marketing. 

If you’re new to Facebook Ads and want to start learning the basics, you’ll find Facebook’s tutorial here.

Why is Facebook good for MLM lead generation?

Facebook Ads are great for lead generation because they give you access to a huge number of potential customers.

Unlike traditional advertising methods, like print and television, Facebook Ads aren’t limited to reaching only certain demographics. Instead, you can target anyone who uses Facebook, regardless of gender, age, income level, education level, or location.

And since Facebook Ads are easy to set up, you can test different messages and ad copy quickly and easily. So, if you’re struggling to generate MLM leads, try running a few Facebook Ads to see if they bring in any new prospects.

Instagram Ads

Instagram Ads are advertisements that appear within the Instagram app itself. These ads let businesses pay to display their images and videos on the feed of followers.

Like any other form of advertising, Instagram Ads can be used to generate interest in your product or service, drive sales, and improve engagement. However, they can also be used to promote events, raise awareness, and encourage interaction.

If you’re new to Instagram Ads and want to start learning the basics, you’ll find Instagram’s tutorial here.

Why is Instagram good for MLM lead generation?

Instagram is a great tool for lead generation because it allows you to capture images of your product or service that you can later turn into high-quality sales videos. 

Its very wide spread among potential people interested in network marketing makes it a very powerful channel for getting MLM leads.

Pinterest Ads

Pinterest Ads are advertisements that appear on Pinterest pages as sponsored Pins.

If you’re not familiar with this social media, Pins are images that are pinned to a board; they can include links to webpages, videos, other photos, articles, etc.

To generate revenue, advertisers bid on keywords associated with their product or service. Advertisers can set budgets and receive reports showing performance metrics such as impressions, clicks, CTRs, conversions, and cost per click.

If you’re new to Pinterest Ads and want to start learning the basics, you’ll find Pinterest’s tutorial here.

Why is Pinterest good for MLM lead generation?

Pinterest is great for lead generation because it’s a visual platform. People love visuals, especially when it comes to buying stuff. And since Pinterest is primarily a visual platform, it’s easy for businesses to share images and videos that appeal to their target audiences and inspire them.

Plus, Pinterest is a popular website among women and high-income people, so it’s a great way to attract powerful buyers.

2. MLM leads from a digital content strategy

Lead generation through digital content strategy involves creating content that encourages prospects to take action. This could include anything from ebooks, whitepapers, webinars, videos, infographics, etc.

Unlike advertising, this type of lead generation does not involve payment in exchange for content visibility.

Once you’ve created these pieces of content, you’ll want to distribute them via email campaigns, social media, and any other channel that works best for your audience.

By distributing this content regularly, you’ll keep your audience engaged and encourage them to take action.

MLM leads from a digital content strategyPin


SEO lead generation is the process of finding prospects for your business via organic search engine optimization.

This involves creating high-quality web pages that contain valuable information. These pages should include keywords related to your product or service, and they should be optimized for mobile devices.

Once these pages are created, you’ll automatically submit them to search engines like Google and Bing. If your content will be good enough to rank on search engines, you’ll be able to attract visitors to your site.

From there, you’ll want to follow up to convert them into actual leads first, and paying customers/distributors later.

Social Media 

A social media content strategy is a plan for creating and distributing high-quality content that will attract visitors to your website/landing pages, and keep them engaged.

A good content strategy should include both written and visual elements. Your content should be informative and compelling, it should appeal to your ideal customer, and it should spread through multiple social media channels.

To ensure that your content gets noticed, you should publish it frequently and regularly interact with readers via the most strategic social platform (ideally the same ones that could be used for digital advertising, as described in the previous section).

Digital PRs

Digital PR is a type of public relations (PR) that uses online methods to promote brands.

It’s similar to traditional PR, which focuses on reaching people through print and broadcast media, but it allows for a wider range of audiences than ‘offline’ PR.

To get the best results from digital PR, it relies on Internet-related strategies such as search-optimized websites, content marketing, influencers, and social media.

3. MLM leads from automated services

Lead generation through automated services and MLM lead generation companies is a type of network marketing lead generation that involves selling contacts generated by software applications or third-party activities.

These programs generate leads based on criteria such as location, gender, income level, job title, etc., and then send them to businesses that pay for the service. 

MLM leads from automated servicesPin

MLM leads for sale

Online lead generation companies allow you to buy a list of network marketing leads. These services offer pre-qualified leads that may be targeted toward specific industries or regions.

Leads are often sold in packages ranging from $10-$100+ depending on the type of leads and where they’re located. Some of them are generated from websites, while others come directly from businesses looking to purchase leads.

Network Marketing lead generation systems

As an alternative to purchasing pre-built lists, another way to acquire MLM leads semi-automatically is to use specific software.

Among the most widely used in the industry are LeadFuze, Network Leads, MLM Lead Specialist, and LeadPower.

4. MLM leads from ‘offline’ Network Marketing

MLM lead generation through in-person events and parties is a ‘classical’ way to generate qualified leads for a business. These events are typically held at local bars, restaurants, hotels, and clubs.

People attend these events specifically to network and meet others in their industry. At these events, you can hand out business cards, introduce yourself, and ask attendees if they’d like to hear more about your product or service.

Many times, people will say yes, and you can follow up with them later via email or phone call. By attending these events, you’re able to interact with people face-to-face, which builds rapport and trust.

This is especially true if you’re speaking at the event, since people tend to listen more carefully to speakers they already know.

MLM leads from offline Network MarketingPin

Friends and Family lists

According to some (obsolete) theories, if you’re looking for quality MLM leads, you need to find them where they live. And that means finding out who your network contacts are.

Your network contacts are the people you’ve met through your personal life and professional connections. They may be friends, relatives, neighbors, colleagues, clients, vendors, or anyone else you’ve had contact with over the years.

Once you identify these contacts, you can use social media sites, instant messaging apps, or you can follow them up through in-person meetings.

Events and parties

Many direct selling companies keep promoting networking events and parties as great places to meet prospects and build relationships with people.

Attending these types of events gives you the opportunity to network with others who share similar interests. This means that you can easily find out where the best sources of MLM leads are located.

When attending networking events and parties, be sure to bring plenty of business cards. Make sure that each card includes contact information, including email addresses and phone numbers.

This makes it easy for attendees to connect with you after the event. Also, be sure to take notes during the event. These notes can help you remember important details later.

After the event, send emails to everyone you met at the party. Ask them if they would be interested in learning more about your company. Then, ask them to visit your website or give you their contact information.

Once you’ve collected this, you can use it to create targeted lists of prospective clients. The next step is to nurture those contacts until they become paying customers/distributors.

Our verdict: what is the best MLM leads source for 2023?

So, as a network marketer, which leads generation system to grow your team should you focus on in 2023?

Obviously, the choice depends on several factors and must be tailored to the characteristics of the company, the target audience, and the product.

But in general, based on the efficiency of the process, sustainability in the medium and long term, and the social credibility associated with the marketing model, our verdict is:

Leads from digital advertising


Future Sustainability


Leads from a digital content strategy


Future Sustainability


Leads from automated services


Future Sustainability


Leads from ‘offline’ Network Marketing


Future Sustainability



How do you get leads for MLM?

The best way to generate leads for MLM is to focus on creating high-quality content that provides real value to your prospects. The goal here isn’t to sell your product; rather, it’s to educate your readers on why they should join your network. Once you’ve built a solid base of followers, you can then ask them to sign up for your list. Make sure that you’re asking permission before sending emails to your subscribers. Also, try to avoid spamming your lists with promotional messages. Instead, send out informative articles that give your readers something valuable to take away from your message.

What are leads in MLM?

Leads are individuals who are interested in joining a network marketing company. These individuals may already be familiar with the product or service, or they could be completely new to the industry. Regardless of why they’re interested in learning more about network marketing, these leads are valuable assets to any company. A lead represents a potential opportunity to sell a product or service, and many times, leads represent a chance to convert a prospect into a paying client or a distributor.

How do I get free leads for my MLM business?

There are no ‘free leads’ in any business (including MLM). On the one hand, there are lead generation strategies through paid advertising, both online and offline. On the other, there are numerous content strategies that are theoretically free, but in reality require time, expertise, and employees to implement effectively.

Where can I find MLM prospects?

There are many ways to find MLM leads. One of the easiest methods is to look at your own database. Many businesses keep lists of contacts that they’ve made over the course of their careers. These contacts may include friends, family members, former colleagues, and others. If you have access to these records, you can easily identify people who fit your criteria and send them a message asking if they’d like to join your team. Another option is to go straight to the source. There are plenty of lead generation firms that specialize in finding leads for MLMs. Some of these firms operate nationwide, while others only focus on certain regions. Regardless of where you live, you should be able to find a firm that works within your area.

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