Pros And Cons Of Essential Oil Network Marketing Companies

In recent years, essential oil network marketing has gained significant popularity and attention, presenting many individuals with an opportunity to earn extra income. 

However, joining such a company comes with its fair share of pros and cons that must be carefully weighed before making a decision.

In this post, we will delve into the world of essential oil network marketing by examining both its advantages and drawbacks. We’ll also discuss some important factors to consider when deciding if this business opportunity is right for you.

Key Takeaways

  • Joining an essential oil network marketing company can offer low start-up costs, flexibility, access to high-quality products, and the potential for extra income.
  • Misleading marketing practices and the risk of misinformation about essential oils are some of the drawbacks associated with joining such a company.
  • Personal growth and development opportunities as well as a supportive community can be significant benefits of being part of an MLM business in this industry.
  • Before deciding whether to join an essential oil network marketing company, it’s crucial to conduct thorough research into the specific company’s reputation and business model to ensure ethical practices are followed.

Understanding Essential Oil Network Marketing

Essential oil network marketing involves individuals selling essential oils to others, often through direct sales and a multi-level marketing compensation plan.

Definition And Overview

Essential oil network marketing is a business model where independent representatives, also known as distributors or consultants, earn income through product sales and by recruiting new members to their team.

This multi-level marketing (MLM) structure encourages growth by offering incentives for both personal sales and team sales.

In this model, consultants typically purchase the products at wholesale prices from the company and then resell them to customers at higher retail prices. The difference between these prices becomes their profit margin.

Additionally, consultants can receive commissions based on their recruited team members’ sales performance.

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Common Misleading Marketing Practices

In the world of essential oil network marketing, some companies and their representatives have been known to engage in misleading marketing practices. This can include exaggerating product claims or benefits, dispensing medical advice without a scientific basis, and promoting the idea that their products are superior to others available on the market.

For instance, a distributor might claim that using certain essential oils can cure or prevent serious medical conditions like cancer or diabetes – assertions that lack scientific evidence backing them up.

Another common deceptive practice involves touting unrealistic earnings potentials for new distributors.

Overall, these unethical marketing practices create an environment where consumers feel overwhelmed and misguided by false information.

Possible Risks And Dangers

One significant risk associated with joining an essential oil network marketing company is the potential for misinformation and misleading marketing practices. Some representatives from these companies are known to provide unsubstantiated claims about the benefits or uses of essential oils, creating false expectations among customers.

For instance, some distributors may advise consumers to ingest these oils or use them as a cure-all for various health conditions without any scientific evidence supporting their claims.

Other dangers within this industry include the uncertainty surrounding the legality and ethical concerns of certain MLM business models. Some multi-level marketing businesses operate as illegal pyramid schemes where earnings rely heavily on recruiting new members rather than product sales.

This predatory structure can lead individuals into financial hardship with little chance of recovering their initial investment or making any profit. 

Pros Of Joining An Essential Oil Network Marketing Company

  • Low start-up costs make network marketing for essential oils accessible to anyone.
  • Flexibility and freedom are attractive because you can work on your own schedule.
  • Access to high-quality products is a significant benefit of joining an MLM for essential oils.
  • The potential for extra income is a draw for many individuals who want to supplement their primary income.
  • Personal growth and development opportunities can be very rewarding in this field.
  • Joining an active, supportive community creates networking opportunities that help build businesses.

Low Start-Up Costs

One significant advantage of joining an essential oil network marketing company is the low start-up costs associated with it. Unlike starting a traditional business, you won’t need to invest in expensive inventory or pay costly rent for a physical store.

For example, doTERRA offers enrollment kits ranging from $35 to $2,500 that provide everything you need to begin selling their products and building your business.

Keeping your initial investment low, allows more individuals to enter the market without risking too much financially.

Flexibility And Freedom

One of the biggest advantages of joining an essential oil network marketing company is the flexibility and freedom it offers. Unlike traditional jobs, MLMs provide individuals with the opportunity to work from home on their own schedules.

This makes it an ideal option for stay-at-home parents or anyone looking to escape the typical 9-5 grind.

Additionally, many people crave independence in their careers and desire a more entrepreneurial lifestyle that enables them to set their own goals and achieve them at their own pace.

Network marketing allows its members to do just that by providing autonomy over how they run their businesses. Whether you want to work full-time or part-time, your success depends solely on your efforts and level of commitment.

Access To High-Quality Products

One of the benefits of joining an essential oil network marketing company is gaining access to high-quality products. These companies often pride themselves on offering pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils that are rigorously tested and carefully sourced.

Furthermore, network marketing companies may offer exclusive blends and unique formulations not available elsewhere. For example, Young Living has popular blends like Thieves for cleaning and purification, as well as Stress Away for calming effects.

Potential For Extra Income

One of the biggest draws of joining an essential oil network marketing company is the potential for extra income. 

For instance, let’s say you sell $500 worth of essential oils in a month as a distributor. Depending on the compensation plan, you may earn anywhere between 25-40% commission on those sales.

Of course, it takes time and effort to build a successful business in this industry, and there’s no guarantee of success.

Personal Growth And Development

Joining an essential oil network marketing company can offer a unique opportunity for personal growth and development. Many network marketing companies provide training programs that focus on self-improvement, leadership skills, and confidence building.

These programs can be invaluable for individuals seeking to enhance their personal and professional lives.

Many essential oils companies encourage their distributors to attend conferences or workshops where they learn about the benefits of essential oils as well as how to market them.

These events often include motivational speakers who discuss topics such as goal setting and mindset transformation.

Supportive Community

Joining an essential oil network marketing company can provide access to a supportive community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for wellness and natural remedies.

This type of business often offers regular training sessions, webinars, and conferences where members can learn new skills, network with peers and experts in the industry, and build relationships that can extend beyond the business.

It is important to note that not all network marketing communities are created equal. Before joining any group or team within an MLM company, it is crucial to research the reputation of both the team leader and the overall organization.

Look for testimonials from current or former members about their experiences with training opportunities, support systems, communication channels, and overall positivity within the community.

Cons Of Joining An Essential Oil Network Marketing Company

Joining an essential oil network marketing company can also come with some potential downsides, including difficulty in building a customer base, possible oversaturation of the market, and limited control over your business.

Difficulty In Building Customer Base

Building a customer base in an essential oil network marketing company can be a challenge, especially if the market is oversaturated or there is strong competition. With so many distributors selling similar products and offering comparable benefits, it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd and attract loyal customers who will continue to purchase from you.

To overcome this challenge, it’s important to develop effective marketing strategies that differentiate your brand and highlight its unique value proposition. This could involve leveraging social media platforms, networking with potential clients through events or workshops, and creating compelling content that educates consumers about the benefits of essential oils.

Possible Oversaturated Market

One of the most significant downsides to joining an essential oil network marketing company is the possibility of market saturation. With so many direct sellers promoting similar products, it can be challenging to establish yourself as a unique and valuable seller in this crowded space.

This oversaturation often leads to intense competition among distributors, which can drive prices down and make it more difficult to generate consistent sales and profits.

As the industry continues to grow rapidly, experts warn that market saturation could lead to a collapse in the essential oils MLM industry as a whole.

Potential For Low Earnings

One of the major cons of joining an essential oil network marketing company is the potential for low earnings. While some individuals have achieved success and financial stability through MLMs, many struggle to make even a modest income.

The reality is that building and maintaining a customer base can be challenging, especially in an oversaturated market where multiple distributors are selling the same products.

It’s important to evaluate your financial situation before deciding to join an MLM. Can you afford to invest money upfront without any guarantee of return? Do you have realistic expectations for how much you can earn? Researching other people’s experiences with the specific company can also give insight into what kind of earning potential exists.

Reputation And Trust Concerns

There are valid concerns about the reputation and trustworthiness of some essential oil network marketing companies. This is largely due to the aggressive, often misleading tactics that some sellers use to promote their products.

Customers may feel pressured or manipulated into making purchases based on false claims or unsubstantiated health benefits.

One example is when a seller promotes an essential oil as a cure-all, claiming it can treat everything from headaches to cancer without any scientific evidence to support those claims.

Such practices damage both the credibility of the MLM company and customer trust in essential oils altogether.

Before joining an essential oil network marketing company, you should carefully consider such risks and concerns regarding reputation and ethics in order to make an informed choice that aligns with your personal values while avoiding scammy deals disguised as legitimate businesses.

One of the main concerns with essential oil network marketing is the potential for ethical and legal issues to arise. MLM companies selling essential oils may promote unsubstantiated health claims, making false promises about their products that do not comply with regulations.

Additionally, some essential oil MLMs have faced criticism for incentivizing recruitment over product sales. This could be deemed an illegal pyramid scheme by authorities if not managed correctly.

Another area of concern relates to reputation management- or lack thereof in some cases. 

Essential oil MLMs might struggle with a negative perception because of stories floating around social media, forums, or word-of-mouth complaints from former members who’ve had bad experiences working in these networks.

Limited Control

Joining an essential oil network marketing company requires adhering to the terms and conditions set by the MLM corporation. This means limited control over how you market, sell, or promote your business as the parent company sets policies and expectations for all distributors.

For example, if a distributor wants to offer discounts to attract new customers, they may not be allowed unless it’s part of a promotion authorized by the parent company.

Additionally, distributors cannot create their products or modify existing ones because these decisions are made by executives higher up in the network marketing chain.

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How To Determine If Joining An Essential Oil Network Marketing Company Is Right For You

Assess your goals and motivations, evaluate your financial situation, research the company thoroughly, consider the compensation plan and support, and look for red flags when determining if joining an essential oil network marketing company is right for you.

Assess Your Goals And Motivations

Before you decide to join an essential oil network marketing company, it’s important to assess your goals and motivations. Here’s a list of factors to consider:

  • Determine why you want to join a network marketing company. Is it for extra income, personal growth, or the love of essential oils?
  • Evaluate your time commitment and availability. Are you willing to dedicate several hours each week to building your business?
  • Decide on your financial goals and what you hope to achieve through the company.
  • Consider whether you have experience in sales or marketing, or if you’re willing to learn.
  • Think about your personal skills and strengths that could help with networking and building relationships.

Remember that success in network marketing requires hard work, dedication, and patience. It’s important to set realistic goals and understand the amount of effort required before making a decision.

Evaluate Your Financial Situation

Before deciding to join an essential oil network marketing company, it’s crucial to assess your financial situation. Determine how much money you have available for start-up costs and monthly expenses, such as purchasing inventory or attending training events.

Consider the potential earnings from the MLM and whether they align with your financial goals. 

While some individuals may make a substantial income through network marketing, others may struggle to earn enough to cover their expenses.

It’s also important to factor in any additional costs associated with running a business, such as taxes or marketing materials.

Research The Company Thoroughly

It’s crucial to research an essential oil network marketing company thoroughly before deciding to join. Here are some steps you can take:

  • Check the company’s reputation online through websites like Better Business Bureau and through data-driven analyses like this.
  • Look for any red flags such as frequent complaints, low ratings, or negative reviews from past or current members.
  • Investigate the company’s products and their efficacy. Do they have scientific backing? Are they safe for use?
  • Analyze the compensation plan and understand how much effort is required to earn money.
  • Find out about the training and support provided by the company. Do they offer regular training sessions or mentorship programs?
  • Look into the ethical practices of the company. Do they engage in any shady or illegal practices?
  • Consider reaching out to current members to gain their perspectives on their experience with the company.

By researching thoroughly, you can make an informed decision about whether joining an essential oil network marketing company is right for you.

Remember that it’s better to take your time and do a thorough evaluation than rush in without proper knowledge.

Consider The Compensation Plan And Support

Before joining an essential oil network marketing company, it is crucial to understand and evaluate the compensation plan. This includes understanding how commissions are earned and paid out, as well as any potential bonuses or incentives.

Additionally, consider the level of support offered by the company and your upline team. Will you receive training and guidance on building a successful business? 

Are there resources available for marketing and selling products? Choosing the right team can be just as important as choosing the right company when it comes to achieving success in network marketing.

Look For Red Flags

Potential red flags when considering joining an essential oil network marketing company include:

  1. Pressure to recruit or build a team: If the focus is solely on recruiting others and not selling products, it may indicate a pyramid scheme.
  2. Unrealistic income claims: If the company promises that you will get rich quickly or earn substantial amounts of money with little effort, it’s likely too good to be true.
  3. Lack of product information: If the company can’t provide detailed information about its products, including purity, sourcing, and testing procedures, it’s a cause for concern.
  4. High initial costs: If there are significant upfront costs associated with joining the company or purchasing inventory, it’s worth investigating further before committing.
  5. Limited customer base: If the market is already saturated with similar products or if there isn’t a clear demand for essential oils in your area, it may be difficult to build a customer base and make sales.
  6. Poor reputation: Research the company online to see if there are any negative reviews or complaints about their business practices and customer service.
  7. Lack of training and support: Look for companies that offer comprehensive training and ongoing support to help you succeed as an independent seller.

It’s crucial to do your due diligence before joining any MLM company to ensure that it is legitimate and aligns with your values and goals.

Conclusion: Is Essential Oil Network Marketing Right For You?

After weighing the pros and cons of joining an essential oil network marketing company, it’s clear that there are both exciting opportunities and potential challenges. If you’re looking for low start-up costs, flexibility, access to high-quality products, and the potential for extra income, this could be a good fit for you.

However, if building a customer base is difficult or oversaturation in the market is a concern, then it might not be the best option.

Ultimately, with careful research and consideration of your own goals and motivations, you can determine if joining an essential oil network marketing company is right for you.

Remember to choose your team wisely and don’t fall prey to misleading marketing practices or pressure to buy more than you need.


What are the advantages of joining an essential oil network marketing company?

Joining an essential oil network marketing company can provide individuals with the opportunity to work from home, set their own schedule, earn extra income, and receive discounts on products. It can also offer a sense of community and support among like-minded individuals who share a passion for health and wellness.

What are the potential drawbacks of joining an essential oil network marketing company?

Some potential drawbacks could include competition within a saturated market, pressure to recruit others into the business model, having to meet sales quotas or targets in order to maintain one’s position with the company as well as navigating potentially complicated commission structures which may impact profitability.

How much money can I expect to make as a member of an essential oils network marketing venture?

As with any business venture or job – earnings vary greatly depending upon the time & effort put into building up your client base/sales channels while developing strong relationships with clients but some members have reported making several thousand dollars per month after investing initial time/effort into networking & recruiting processes needed for long-term growth. YMMV though so it’s important to research thoroughly before deciding what direction best suits individual goals/aesthetics!

Are there certain skills or characteristics that would be helpful when considering joining an essential oils MLM?

It is useful if you have a genuine interest in natural health remedies, possess solid communication skills, and enjoy working independently but collaboratively towards common objectives such as building brand awareness & driving traffic online/offline via social media platforms etc., strong organizational/time management abilities will also come in handy if trying balance managing multiple accounts/clients simultaneously whilst maintaining quality customer service standards across all channels!

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