MLM Jewelry Companies: Top 21 Picks For 2023

Are you interested in becoming an independent business owner and exploring the world of multi-level marketing (MLM) jewelry companies?

With so many options out there, it can be hard to know where to start.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the top MLM jewelry companies and provide tips for choosing a reputable company that suits your needs and goals.

Keep reading to discover your next venture in the MLM jewelry industry.


  • MLM jewelry companies offer unique products and a flexible income opportunity, but joining one carries risks, including potential financial loss and legal issues.
  • When choosing an MLM jewelry company, it’s important to thoroughly research the company, its compensation plan, and the quality of its products.
  • The top MLM jewelry companies offer competitive compensation plans, commission structures, and high-quality and unique products.

Top MLM Jewelry Companies

Among the best network marketing companies in the world, here are those that deal with jewelry:

1- Paparazzi Accessories 

Paparazzi Accessories is a well-known direct sales company in the United States that offers fashionable and budget-friendly jewelry and accessories. Founded in 2010 by Misty and Trent Kirby, along with Chani and Ryan Reeve, the company has experienced remarkable growth due to its commitment to providing affordable, stylish accessories for every occasion.

Paparazzi’s product range features an extensive collection of necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, and hair accessories, all priced at just $5. This affordability, combined with an ever-changing inventory of on-trend items, has made Paparazzi Accessories a popular choice for consumers seeking fashionable accessories without breaking the bank.

The company also employs a multi-level marketing (MLM) business model, which empowers independent consultants, referred to as “Paparazzi Consultants,” to sell the company’s products directly to consumers. MLM offers a unique approach to sales and distribution by incentivizing consultants to not only sell products but also recruit new consultants to join their team.

Paparazzi Consultants earn a commission on their personal sales and benefit from additional bonuses based on the sales performance of their recruits. This MLM model has enabled Paparazzi Accessories to rapidly expand its customer base and create a network of enthusiastic and dedicated consultants who are passionate about sharing the brand’s affordable and stylish offerings.

The company’s focus on accessibility, combined with the opportunity for consultants to generate income and achieve personal success, has solidified Paparazzi Accessories as a leading player in the direct sales jewelry market.

2- Origami Owl 

Origami Owl is an innovative direct sales company that specializes in personalized jewelry, founded in 2010 by then 14-year-old Bella Weems-Lambert.

The company’s mission is to be a force for good, empowering people to tell their unique stories through customizable jewelry pieces. Origami Owl’s signature offering is its Living Locket, a customizable charm locket that allows customers to create a one-of-a-kind accessory reflecting their personal style, memories, or milestones.

In addition to lockets, Origami Owl offers a wide range of necklaces, bracelets, earrings, watches, and other accessories, all designed to inspire and celebrate individuality.

The business model employed by Origami Owl is multi-level marketing (MLM), which provides individuals with the opportunity to become independent sales representatives, known as “Independent Designers.”

These Independent Designers sell Origami Owl products directly to consumers and are encouraged to recruit others to join their team. This MLM structure allows Designers to earn commissions on their personal sales, as well as on the sales of their recruits, creating multiple income streams and fostering a supportive community.

The MLM model has proven to be a successful approach for Origami Owl, as it enables the company to expand its reach, generate brand awareness, and empower individuals to achieve personal and financial success while sharing their passion for unique and customizable jewelry.

3- Stella & Dot 

Stella & Dot is a prominent direct sales company that specializes in high-quality, fashionable jewelry and accessories for the modern woman.

Founded in 2007 by Jessica Herrin, the company’s vision is to create a global social selling platform that empowers women to become entrepreneurs and achieve personal success on their terms. Stella & Dot’s product lineup features an extensive collection of necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, and other accessories, as well as bags and clothing.

Each piece is designed with an emphasis on style, versatility, and craftsmanship, making Stella & Dot’s products not only fashionable but also functional and durable.

The business model adopted by Stella & Dot is a hybrid of traditional direct sales and multi-level marketing (MLM), which allows individuals to become independent sales representatives, referred to as “Stylists.”

These Stylists sell the company’s products directly to consumers, often through organized trunk shows or online events. The MLM aspect of the business model incentivizes Stylists to recruit others to join their sales team, with commissions earned on personal sales and additional bonuses based on the sales performance of their recruits.

This approach has been instrumental in Stella & Dot’s growth and success, enabling the company to build a network of passionate and motivated Stylists who not only promote the brand but also have the opportunity to achieve financial independence and personal growth through their entrepreneurial endeavors.

4- Premier Designs

Premier Designs is an MLM jewelry company with a 30-year history and a reputation for bold, stylish statement pieces. With its unique blend of fashion-forward designs and quality craftsmanship, Premier Designs has become one of the foremost purveyors of fine jewelry.

The company operates through consultants that earn commissions on products sold. Its two-tier commission structure incentivizes both the consultant and their team to push sales further by offering multi-tiered commission percentages based on each sale.

Consultants can also opt-in to earn additional incentives on top of their regular commissions, such as badges, trips, and car allowance programs. This provides a great opportunity to increase income while giving members an unparalleled customer service experience.

5- Vantel Pearls

Vantel Pearls is a multi-level marketing company where independent “Pearl Representatives” can promote and sell beautiful, handcrafted pearl jewelry to their customers. The business model of Vantel Pearls promotes true entrepreneurship, with the Pearl Representative setting up and managing her own online store.

Each “Pearl Representative” earns a commission for each purchase made at her store, gaining rewards for recruiting other sales representatives who generate new sales. This unique commission structure allows sales representatives to maintain financial freedom while building long-term customer relationships.

Moreover, the quality and uniqueness of Vantel Pearls products stand out from its competitors, allowing them to satisfy individual customer needs. Their jewelry is made using solid sterling silver or 14k gold findings, and every piece is individually crafted, ensuring no two sets are identical.

Each item includes real freshwater pearls, ensuring customers receive top-notch jewelry pieces providing them great satisfaction.

6- SeneGence 

SeneGence, often known for its iconic Lipsense products, is an MLM jewelry company that offers customers an innovative range of cosmetics and jewelry.

They provide opportunities for customers to become part of their sales team and earn commissions when they refer others or sell their products. Commissions are based on a sliding scale resulting in great earnings potential.

Through different levels of sales teams and leadership roles, members benefit from leveraging their team’s efforts while partnering with other successful distributors.

Moreover, SeneGence is an outstanding example of top-tier quality and uniqueness that stand-out among other brands. Products have been formulated with a combination of high-quality ingredients and advanced technology, making them long-lasting yet gentle on delicate skin.

Each piece of jewelry is designed by highly experienced fashion experts, utilizing unique materials and innovative manufacturing techniques to bring you something extraordinary! With this remarkable attention to detail, you can always trust in the exceptional quality SeneGence provides for all its products.

7- Park Lane Jewelry

Park Lane Jewelry is an MLM company focused on selling high-quality, fine jewelry. The company was founded in 1955 by Arthur and Shirley LeVin and remains family-owned to this day. It has a long tradition of creating jewelry that blends elegance with affordability which can be seen in its collection of rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and more.

Park Lane offers its representatives unique compensation plans for the products sold; these include various incentives such as instant overrides, retail commissions, loyalty rewards, travel bonuses, and directorships. Furthermore, the company also offers powerful resource tools such as e-commerce stores and business training support to its reps.

With competitive commission structures combined with quality products often supplied by independent craftspeople worldwide, Park Lane stands out from other MLM jewelry companies. The overall belief of Park Lane is that everyone deserves stylish jewelry for any occasion without breaking the budget – hence their mission “to bring stylish accessories to people everywhere”.

8- Younique (Y-Collection)

Younique (Y-Collection) is a multi-level marketing (MLM) jewelry company founded in 2016. The company offers lucrative compensation plans and commissions based on various levels of direct sales, team building, and team production.

Their product range includes a range of stylish, unique, and quality pieces of handcrafted designer jewelry crafted with care.

9- Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry

Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry is a direct sales company that offers unique and fashionable jewelry at affordable prices, allowing representatives to be independent consultants.

Representatives make money by reselling the products through home parties, one-on-one consultations, and other marketing strategies. The product line features designer collections with intricate detail and quality craftsmanship.

10- Lulu Avenue

Lulu Avenue is a direct sales and multi-level marketing jewelry company offering handcrafted products rooted in timeless designs.

They offer commissions to their independent Business Owners, who can earn up to 50% of sales revenue on each item sold.

Lulu Avenue boasts quality and uniqueness in its product offerings, with many styles ranging from fun fashion jewelry to elegant and sophisticated pieces.

11- Magnabilities

Magnabilities is a multi-level marketing jewelry company that provides stunning products and excellent customer service.

The compensation plans offer commissions and residual incomes by directly selling their jewelry items and recruiting new members to their network.

Their quality crafted jewelry is designed with a magnetic insert crafted with Triple Prime Plating, and each piece comes with an etching that is unique to the customer upon their request.

12- Agnes & Dora

Agnes & Dora is an MLM jewelry company founded in 2013, offering a wide variety of stylish and on-trend pieces.

Their multi-level marketing plans provide rewards such as commissions, bonuses, and discounts when the company’s products are sold. They also offer exceptional quality unique items crafted from top-grade materials like sterling silver and gold fill.

13- Plunder Jewelry

Plunder Jewelry is a rapidly growing direct sales company based in the United States, specializing in trendy, affordable, and unique jewelry pieces.

Established in 2014, the company has quickly gained a loyal following for its broad selection of stylish accessories that cater to various tastes and preferences. Plunder’s product line includes a wide array of necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and other fashion accessories, with an emphasis on vintage-inspired designs.

The company is dedicated to providing high-quality products that empower customers to express their individuality and make a statement through their choice of accessories.

The business model employed by Plunder Jewelry is multi-level marketing (MLM), which allows the company to leverage the power of social networking and word-of-mouth marketing. MLM is a strategy that incentivizes individual sales representatives, known as “Plunder Stylists,” to sell the company’s products directly to consumers and to recruit others to join their sales team.

Plunder Stylists earn commissions on their personal sales as well as on the sales of those they recruit, thereby creating multiple levels of commission-earning potential.

This model has proven to be an effective way for Plunder Jewelry to expand its reach and create a community of passionate sales representatives who not only promote the brand but also have the opportunity to generate income and achieve personal success.

14- South Hill Designs

South Hill Designs is a multi-level marketing (MLM) jewelry company that provides customers with high-quality and unique personalized designs.

Their compensation plan is based on commissions through sales and the ability to build a team of distributors or consultants.

Products are made with sterling silver, 14K gold fillings, and Swarovski crystal products, allowing customers to create meaningful jewelry pieces.

15- Simply You

Simply You MLM jewelry company is a social sales opportunity that specializes in unique, high-quality jewelry pieces.

The products are sold through individual sales consultants who earn commissions based on their personal and downline sales.

Their compensation plans reward top performers with a percentage of their downline’s commission.

16- U Design Jewelry

U Design Jewelry is a leading MLM jewelry company that offers its customers an opportunity to purchase unique and quality jewelry.

The compensation plan allows independent representatives to make commissions through retail sales, monthly auto-shipment, as well as residual income based on the number of people recruited into their downline organization.

The company’s handcrafted products feature distinctively designed semi-precious gems and stones with delicate touches of metal, emphasized by fine detailing and sterling silver workmanship.

Cookie Lee is an MLM jewelry company founded in 2003.

Their compensation plans and commission structures provide incentives to their independent distributors to help build a successful business.

The company also prides itself on its unique and high-quality designs, with its stylish pieces reflecting the latest fashion trends.

18- Team National

Team National is a multi-level marketing company specializing in jewelry products and services.

They offer four different compensation plans, allowing members to benefit from residual income for themselves and those who join their network as well.

All Team National products are designed and crafted at an in-house jewelry facility to guarantee the quality and uniqueness of their rings, pendants, earrings, and accessories. 

19- My Lala Leggings

My Lala Leggings is a multi-level marketing (MLM) company specializing in fashionable leggings and recently launched a jewelry line.

Their compensation plans provide payouts through the sale of their products, with commissions ranging from 20% to 40%.

My Lala Leggings are made from high-quality fabric that provides maximum comfort and breathability, and their jewelry designs feature unique elements for a stylish appeal. 

20- Le-Vel

Le-Vel is a multi-level marketing (MLM) company specializing in wellness products and jewelry.

They have used the MLM business model to offer their affiliates the chance to generate income through commission structures and generous compensation plans.

They feature a high-quality, well-crafted selection of pieces designed to be distinctive and fashionable. 

21- Chloe + Isabel

Chloe + Isabel is a U.S.-based creative company providing a global platform for independent stylists to create and curate high-quality fashion jewelry and lifestyle items from their own personal styling business.

The compensation plan offered by this company provides commissions for sales of varying sizes; moreover, it offers further bonuses — such as retail clips for purchases over certain amounts — as profits soar.

Moreover, all products provided by Chloe + Isabel are handcrafted with semi-precious stones and Austrian crystals, making them unique and distinctive compared to most other brands.

Pros and Cons of Joining an MLM Jewelry Company

Joining a multi-level marketing (MLM) jewelry company can offer many rewards, but with any business venture, there is inherent risk.

The opportunity to make money and gain financial independence as an independent consultant seems attractive. However, it may not be the right fit for everyone.

Network marketing jewelry companies risksPin

Pros include a flexible work schedule, no geographical boundaries, and low start-up costs. You have the potential to earn a substantial income based on your ability to recruit new consultants and produce sales growth in your region.

Cons can include excessive time requirements required to manage accounts, maintain relationships, and run events. Additionally, due to the nature of the industry, there’s always the risk of losing money or facing legal issues related to large purchases or recruitment quotas.

As with any type of business venture MLMs also require individuals to believe in their product in order to successfully pitch it to their customers. Unscrupulous tactics or promises of quick success should set off warning bells; these are serious red flags that you should think long and hard about before committing.

Tips for Choosing the Right MLM Jewelry Company

Research is essential to making an educated decision when selecting a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company.

Ensure the company itself is reputable; familiarise yourself with its history, team members, and mission statement. Check out reviews and customer feedback for even more comprehensive insights.

Look for a strong and supportive team

Look for a supportive team that encourages collaboration and offers guidance at every level.

Choose a company where you’re not just another number – make sure there’s genuine care about helping you grow your business as part of the community.

Consider the quality of the products

When it comes to MLM jewelry, quality can make or break success.

Appraise the construction processes and materials used: examine durable clasps, beautiful designs, well-crafted gold plating, or sterling silver settings – don’t compromise on quality!

Understand the compensation plan

Compensation plans vary greatly: be certain your choice provides fair payouts based on sales volume, marketing efforts, and referral numbers alone.

Make sure the system promotes growth; you should be able to hit goals without any outrageous expectations or unreachable requirements.

Ultimately, picking a successful MLM jewelry business takes developing an eye for detail – take notes on what works best for you in order to determine lasting success.


What is an MLM jewelry company?

An MLM jewelry company is a direct-selling business model where independent distributors sell jewelry products to customers and recruit other distributors to join their network.

What are the advantages of joining an MLM jewelry company?

Joining an MLM jewelry company brings advantages such as access to trendy, high-quality products, the potential for extra income, and increased business opportunities. Additionally, you can capitalize on personal connections in the industry to grow your network and get new leads.

Are all MLM jewelry companies reputable?

No, not all MLM jewelry companies are reputable. It’s important to thoroughly research a company before joining to ensure it’s legitimate and has a good reputation.

What are some red flags to watch out for when considering an MLM jewelry company?

Red flags to watch out for when considering an MLM jewelry company include a lack of transparency in the compensation plan, pressure to recruit others rather than focus on selling products, and overly expensive or poor-quality products.

How can I be successful in an MLM jewelry company?

To be successful in an MLM jewelry company, it’s important to have a strong work ethic, be dedicated to selling high-quality products, build a strong network of customers and distributors, and continuously educate yourself on sales and marketing techniques.

What are jewelry companies like Stella and Dot?

Several jewelry companies are similar to Stella and Dot regarding their business model and product offerings. Some examples include:
– Chloe + Isabel
– Keep Collective
– Noonday Collection
– Trades of Hope
– Touchstone Crystal
These companies offer a range of high-quality and unique jewelry items designed by in-house designers and operate through the MLM business model.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, MLM jewelry companies can be a great opportunity for those looking for flexibility and potential income as independent business owners. However, it’s important to approach this industry cautiously and do thorough research before investing time and money.

By following the tips outlined in this article, such as researching the company, considering the quality of the products, and understanding the compensation plan, you can increase your chances of success and avoid potential pitfalls.

Remember, finding a reputable MLM jewelry company that aligns with your values and goals can take time and effort, but it’s worth it in the long run.

With the top MLM jewelry companies listed in this article as a starting point, you can explore the world of personalized and trendy jewelry while building a successful business on your own terms.


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