APLGO Multi-Level Marketing: Advocating Health and Wellness

APLGO is a prominent direct marketing company specializing in health and wellness products, primarily featuring natural ingredients. Their product line includes dietary supplements, skincare items, and wellness enhancers.

Read on to learn how APLGO has steadily risen to claim its place in the highly competitive Multi-Level Marketing space


APLGO is a direct marketing company specializing in health and wellness products.

In 2022, the company reported revenues of $235 million, showing steady growth.

The company offers various ways for associates to earn, including bonuses, commissions, and incentives.

The company holds certifications from reputable authorities, although some doubts have been raised.

Section 1 – The Company 

This section will examine APLGO’s beginnings, historical background, market achievements, and key factors contributing to its expansion.  

Overview of APLGO

APLGO is a privately owned MLM company founded by Sergey Sergeevich Kulikov (a Russian national) over ten years ago. The founder is a successful international network marketing leader. 

The company has a global outreach and recently (in 2020) launched in the USA market.

APLGO mainly operates through a network of independent distributors or Associates who earn commissions from their own sales and their recruited downline associates. 

Independent associates mainly distribute popular products through an MLM business model, including the flagship Acumullit SA line of drops. 

You must have realized that this multi-tiered compensation structure is common in MLM companies. Rewards such as commissions, bonuses, and incentives for recruiting and building a team typically form part of their compensation plan. 

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APLGO’s Market Performance 

APLGO has demonstrated impressive market performance over the past few years, as The Direct Selling News Website reported. 

In 2022, for example, APLGO achieved remarkable financial success, with reported revenues reaching $235 million. This represents a significant growth trajectory from the previous year when it reported revenues of $211 million. 

Such a steady ascent in revenue demonstrates APLGO’s commitment to delivering value to its customers and distributors while maintaining a competitive edge in the industry.

DSN also reports that in 2020, APLGO posted revenues to the tune of $125 million. This data highlights the company’s consistent growth pattern, as it has doubled its revenue in just two years. 

The History

Sergey Sergeevich Kulikov founded APLGO on November 11, 2011. Unverified sources claim that Kulikov’s company was previously an e-commerce store under the name Ageo Product, and they only adopted the name APLGO soon after introducing a network marketing compensation plan in 2017

It has roots in Russia but has since grown to open offices in global regions, including CIS, EU, Asia, and North and South America.

The table below shows the specific countries where the company is represented.

UkrainePortugalCzech RepublicMalta
BrazilAustraliaCosta RicaTogo
GhanaNigeriaSouth AfricaPhilippines

APLGO’s Top Executive 

APLGO boasts a dynamic organizational structure, which President Sergey Sergeevich Kulikov heads. Olga Kulikova holds the position of the APL Creative Director at the organization. Additionally, she is the Chief Editor of APL PLANET. It’s worth noting that Olga is also Kulikov’s wife

The official website gives scant information about other company employees, but other sources have listed a few officials, including 

  1. Lucy Yee: International Director
  2. Sherry Denny: Corporate Director
  3. Kauri Thompson: General Manager
  4. Feliks Militcin: Director, Operations (US)
  5. Fred Soto: Managing Director 

Who Owns APLGO? 

Sergey Sergeevich Kulikov is the founder, president, and owner of APLGO. 

Section 2 – Business Model

In this section, we will evaluate APLGO’s business model, examine its product marketing tactics, and assess the potential prospects for its independent sales representatives, known as associates. 

APLGO has provided 11 ways for its associates to earn, as tabulated below 

Start BonusInfinite Bonus Customer Bonus
Group Bonus Active BonusManager Bonus
Matching Group Bonus Lifestyle BonusLuxury Bonus
Unilevel Bonus Entertainment Bonus 

The APLGO Start Weekly Bonus 

When you sponsor new Prime Customer Members and Associate Members, you become eligible to earn the APLGO Start Bonus. The bonus is calculated as a percentage of the total purchase price of the GOKit selected by your personally sponsored members. 

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Here’s a breakdown of the bonus structure;

Promoter GoKit: You earn $10 when your personally sponsored members purchase the promoter GOKit 

(GOKit price: $100 – 10% = $10)

Mentor GoKit: When your personally sponsored members purchase the GOKit mentor package, you earn a $105 bonus. 

(GOKit price: $600 – 17.5% = $105)

Associate GoKit: Every Associate GOKit purchased by your personally sponsored members earns you $20 

(GOKit price: $200 – 10% = $20)

Builder GoKit: When your personally sponsored members purchase Builders GOKit, you enjoy a $60 bonus

(GOKit price: $400 – 15% = $60)

VIP Pro GOKit: You will earn an impressive $360 bonus for every VIP Pro GOKit purchased by your personally sponsored members. 

(GOKit price: $1800 – 20% = $360)

The Group Bonus 

The APLGO Group Bonus is a reward system for members based on their performance and progression within the company. 

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The compensation plan also introduces the concept of Power/Pay-legs, with each member initially having two legs: one designated as the “Power Leg” and the other as the “Pay Leg.” 

To unlock the ability to build a third leg, you must reach the “Managing Director” status. A cap of 9 legs can be built, and each leg can earn up to $10,000 per week in bonuses.

Earnings in this compensation plan are determined by your status level, with percentages ranging from 10% for Promoters to 30% for VIPs and Diamonds. 

The Matching Bonus (Personals)

The APLGO Matching Bonus is a lucrative and enticing compensation structure that rewards associates for building and nurturing a strong team of associates.

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It is based on a multilevel structure with seven levels associated with a specific percentage payout.

As you progress through the seven levels, your potential earnings grow significantly, making it a rewarding opportunity for those who are committed to success in network marketing.

Uni-Level Bonus (Auto-Ship Orders)

This bonus structure rewards you for building a deep and active downline organization where associates are consistently making auto-ship orders, and you earn a percentage of their PV at each level. 

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The Infinity Bonus 

The Infinity Bonus in the APLGO compensation plan is a component where National Directors, International Directors, and Premier Directors can earn commissions ranging from 1% to 2.5% based on reorder sales in their downline network, specifically on levels 7 and beyond. 

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These commissions are calculated monthly but paid out quarterly, and associates must maintain certain qualifications to be eligible for these bonuses.

Activity Bonus 

The Activity Bonus for APLGO is a financial reward for associates who consistently achieve and maintain the 2-Star Associate rank for a full year. 

After meeting this requirement, they receive a $10 Loyalty Bonus every month for the subsequent 12 months to recognize their sustained high performance and loyalty to the company. 

This bonus is an additional incentive to motivate associates to remain active and productive in their network marketing efforts. 

The Lifestyle Bonus  

The APLGO Lifestyle Bonus is a reward program for dedicated associates who maintain the rank of 2-Star Associate for 12 consecutive months. 

It provides a financial incentive by offering 5% of the average Group Bonus checks earned over a year, with a maximum monthly payout of $300. 

This bonus is paid out in equal installments over the subsequent year, providing steady support to associates who meet the qualification criteria.

Directors get $2,000, and Premier Directors earn $3,000. This program aims to motivate and compensate members who excel in APLGO’s organizational structure, encouraging them to remain active and advance within the company.

The “Entertainment Bonus” 

This program rewards individuals who achieve specific ranks and maintain their active status. Eligible ranks include;

  • National Director
  • International Director
  • Premier Director. 

To qualify, individuals must stay active at their rank, typically involving sales or recruitment goals. The bonus amounts vary; National Directors receive $1,000, International Directors get $2,000, and Premier Directors earn $3,000. 

The bonus aims to motivate and compensate members who excel in APLGO’s organizational structure, encouraging them to remain active and advance within the company.

As the table above indicates, other incentives include the Customer Bonus, Manager Bonus, and Luxury Bonus. 

Section 3: An Overview of APLGO Products 

Within this section, we will sample product offerings by APLGO, highlighting the unique characteristics that distinguish them from competitors.

APLGO offers a range of health and wellness products, including supplements, skincare, and weight management products. A few of them are presented in the table below.

Product UsePrice as of 2023 
GRW GrowBoost immune response to environmental challenges$50
MLS Multi-SpectrumFood based on Lozenges that support general body function$68
BTY BeautyEnhances your skin beauty$100
PFT PerfectHelps normalize appetite$84
All-Time Americano CoffeeBeverage$24
Foaming Face WashGentle Cleanser $125
Body MilkBody Moisturizer $100
Silk Facial MaskLifting Calming and Hydration$165
HPY “Acumullit SA” dropsCell rejuvenation, energy boost$91
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Are APLGO Products Certified?

APLGO holds certifications from various reputable authorities, including:

  1. Moldova Certificate of Conformity
  2. EAC Declaration of Conformity
  3. ISO Certificates
  4. KOSHER Certification
  5. Halal Certification
  6. FDA Certification
  7. Eurasian Conformity Certification

Nevertheless, there have been doubts raised by some reviewers regarding the authenticity of APLGO CERTIFICATIONS as they are presented on the website.

Section 4: Controversies and Concerns Regarding APLGO

This section will examine some of the controversies and concerns associated with APLGO, aiming to clarify these disputed matters.

In October 2021, APLGO found itself among the companies that received notices from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) pertaining to potential violations linked to income-generation opportunities, raising concerns about the legality of their business operations.

To address these concerns, APLGO has implemented strict policies and procedures that expressly forbid individuals from making unapproved income forecasts, assertions, or assurances when discussing the APLGO US opportunity or Compensation Plan.

This proactive measure is designed to deter any misleading or false representations within the company’s ranks.

Nevertheless, APLGO has been embroiled in more serious allegations, including accusations of running a pyramid scheme, presenting exaggerated claims about their products, and involvement in securities fraud. These allegations cast a shadow of doubt over the company’s business model and raise significant legal and ethical concerns about their practices.

Section 5 – FAQs And Recap 

Finally, we summarize some key concepts by answering frequently asked questions about APLGO

What is APLGO, and who founded it?

APLGO is a multi-level marketing (MLM) company specializing in health and wellness products. It was founded by Sergey Sergeevich Kulikov, a Russian national, over ten years ago. Sergey Kulikov is also the current president and owner of the company.

What products does APLGO offer?

APLGO offers a range of health and wellness products, including dietary supplements, skincare items, and wellness enhancers. Some of their products include GRW Grow, MLS Multi-Spectrum, BTY Beauty, PFT Perfect, All-Time Americano Coffee, and more.

How does APLGO’s business model work?

APLGO operates through a network of independent distributors, known as Associates, who earn commissions from their personal and downline sales The company offers various ways for associates to earn, including bonuses, commissions, and incentives.

Are APLGO products certified?

Yes, APLGO products are certified by various reputable authorities, including the Moldova Certificate of Conformity, EAC Declaration of Conformity, ISO Certificates, KOSHER Certification, Halal Certification, FDA Certification, and Eurasian Conformity Certification.

What are some concerns and controversies surrounding APLGO?

APLGO has faced allegations related to income forecasting, pyramid scheme accusations, exaggerated product claims, and involvement in securities fraud. The company has implemented strict policies to address these concerns and maintain ethical business practices.


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