Immunotec MLM: The Company’s Path to Unlocking Wellness

Immunotec is a Canada-based company that manufactures and distributes nutritional and wellness items leveraging the direct-selling model. The company is dedicated to providing scientifically-backed products that enhance the quality of life and performance. 

With a keener focus on the human immune system, the organization’s commitment to quality and innovation has led to its recognition by prominent researchers and medical professionals.

Read on to better grasp Immunotec’s business architecture and the reasons for its success in the highly competitive MLM environment.


Immunotec is a Canada-based company specializing in manufacturing and distributing nutritional and wellness products through direct-selling.

The company focuses on enhancing the human immune system and is recognized by researchers and medical professionals.

Consultants sell products directly, earn commissions on sales, and can build marketing teams for additional income.

Immunotec’s flagship product, Immunocal, is a clinically proven whey protein isolate that supports immune system health.

Section 1 – The company

Under the company section, we will discuss Immunotec’s history, examining its origins, market performance, and other relevant information contributing to its expansion. 

Overview of Immunotec 

Immunotec has been creating health and wellness products for over 26 years, with its flagship product being Immunocal. Their main focus is on the human immune system, which is vital in protecting the body against various pathogens. 

The organization’s products address issues such as oxidative stress, energy production, nutrition, sports performance, mental clarity, and restful sleep. Additionally, Immunotec offers the opportunity to partner with them as a consultant and build a successful business through their MLM model. 

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Market Performance 

Immunotec has exhibited a noteworthy performance in the direct selling space, according to the Global 100 List of Top Direct Selling MLM companies in the World. For three consecutive years, it demonstrated a consistent and somewhat ascending trend in revenue. 

In 2019, for example, the company achieved a revenue of $180 million, indicating a strong start to the period under review. 

This achievement laid the foundation for subsequent growth.

The year 2020 saw its revenue climb even higher, reaching $220 million. This increase of $40 million from the previous year’s revenue is a notable expansion and suggests that the company was able to tap into its market potential effectively.

Building upon this upward trajectory, Immunotec’s revenue for 2021 settled at $217 million. While this figure is slightly lower than the previous year, it still shows the company’s resilience and ability to remain afloat and generate considerable income.

The History

In the 1960s, Dr. Gustavo Bounous, an Italian surgeon, began researching post-surgical recovery in the US, noticing varying patient outcomes. He hypothesized that diet played a role, leading to his focus on protein’s impact.

Forced to leave the US due to visa issues, he continued his work in Canada, where he teamed up with Dr. Patricia Kongshavn, an emerging expert in clinical immunology at McGill University. Their 1978 article explored dietary amino acids’ effect on immune responses.

The search for a protein that can enhance immune function persisted. At first, a protein extract from a byproduct of the dairy industry was deemed useless. However, it was found to have remarkable immune-boosting effects during testing.

Human studies also showed success, which led to the establishment of Immunotec in 1996 in Canada and in 1997 in the US. This company is dedicated to reinvesting profits into research.

John Molson became VP of Research & Development, fostering global research collaborations. Under his guidance, Immunocal, a natural protein isolate, gained recognition in medical references.

This protein extract’s journey highlights its transformation from an overlooked byproduct to a promising immune-boosting supplement with significant research validation.

Historical Timeline 

1978Dr. Gustavo Bounous and colleagues, including Dr. Patricia Kongshavn, pioneered research seeking immune-boosting dietary protein sources.
1981Dr. Bounous and Dr. Kongshavn made the groundbreaking revelation regarding the impact of serum protein on the immune system.
1986Dr. Wulf Dröge is credited with discovering the impact of glutathione on the immune response of a live organism.
1988Dr. Bounous and Dieter Beer initiated a collaboration, leading to the establishment of Immunotec Research Corporation.
1996Immunotec Research Corp. merges with Chuck Roberts, becoming Immunotec Research Ltd., with John Molson as a founding shareholder.
1999Immunocal holds a place within the esteemed Physicians’ Desk Reference (PDR) in the United States.
2003First Immunotec Consultant takes home $1 million dollars.
2005Dr. Dröge, a globally acclaimed immunologist, joined Immunotec in the capacity of Senior Vice President of Research and Development.
2006Dr. Dröge introduces Immunocal Platinum, the advanced iteration of Immunocal featuring CMP and RMF.
2007Immunotec has received approval to market Immunocal, which is described as a natural source of cysteine
2008Immunocal has been verified as “clear of banned substances” in accordance with the 2007 World Anti-Doping List.
2009The first publication of Immunocal can be found in Canada’s Compendium of Pharmaceuticals and Specialties (CPS).
2012Glutathione research articles go beyond 100,000 in PubMed.
2015Immunotec ranks among the top 50 direct-selling firms in Canada and the US and stands as one of Canada’s two finest in the industry.
2017In both 2015 and 2017, Immunotec was acknowledged as one of the finest 100 direct-selling enterprises globally.
2018In April 2018 Immunotec started operations in Guatemala.
2019Starts operations in Spain and Peru
2020Starts operations in Ecuador  
2021At the Momentum 2021 Convention, Immunotec made its new branding public.

Immunotec’s Top Executives 

  • Mauricio Domenzain: CEO
  • Rajneesh Chopra: The Chief Commercial Officer (CCO)
  • Roberto Garrido-Lecca: Chief Operations Officer (COO)
  • Damian Mobley: Chief Technology Officer
  • Michel Shehadi: Chief Strategy Officer 

During Charles Orr’s tenure as the company CEO, reports that Immunotec’s Executive Team scored an impressive “A+” rating. Based on employee assessments, the company ranked in the top 5% of companies with 201-500 employees.

The Scientific Advisory Board

The Immunotec Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) comprises respected experts who advise on evidence-based medical science for current and future products. They ensure solid backing from clinical studies and results, aiding Immunotec in staying current, innovating, and collaborating with medical and educational institutions.

As of August 2023, the members of this board are

  • Dr. Jimmy Gutman: Chairperson
  • Dr. Patricia Kongshavn: Member Emeritus
  • John Molson: Member Emeritus
  • Dr. Dan Linseman: Member
  • Dr. Nathan Lewis: Member
  • Elvira María Hebert, Ph. D: Member
  • Will Brink: Member

Who owns Immunotec? 

Immunotec is now privately owned, having transitioned from a public company under the leadership of Mauricio Domenzain.

Immuno Holding, in partnership with Nexxus Capital, a prominent alternative asset manager, made the acquisition. The deal placed a value of around $25 million on Immunotec, and the transaction was finalized in June 2017. 

Immunotec Headquarters 

The company’s main office can be traced to the following address: 1060 Michèle-Bohec Suite 102, Blainville, QC J7C 5E2, CANADA.

Section 2 – The Business Model 

This section will examine Immunotec’s business model. We will review their approaches to product marketing and evaluate the prospects presented to their Independent sales representatives, better known as consultants. 

How Does Immunotec Market its Products?

Like most MLM enterprises, Immunotec mainly markets its products through a direct sales business model, where independent consultants sell products directly to customers and earn commissions based on their sales. 

Consultants can also earn commissions by building a marketing team and receiving commissionable income on the volume they produce

The compensation plan

Here are some recommended steps you can consider to kick off your business:

Select the Starter Pack or activation order that aligns with your business objectives. Immunotec’s Starter Packs are meticulously designed to provide new Consultants with exceptional value on the company’s most sought-after products.

Arrange your monthly AutoShip order. Although AutoShip remains voluntary, opting for specific AutoShip product bundles can save Consultants significantly extra costs. You can modify, temporarily halt, or resume an AutoShip arrangement at your convenience.

The Immunotec Compensation Plan offers rewards based on the sales volume generated by you and your team of Consultants as you work together to establish a customer base. This plan presents seven distinct avenues for earning:

Retail Profits

The Customer Retail Profit refers to the earnings made by Consultants through the difference between the retail price of products and the discount they receive.

You can earn retail profits by purchasing products at a discounted rate and selling them to customers at the retail price. You can also earn a retail profit when customers place orders through your Consultant website or directly from Immunotec.

Consultants can enroll customers into the AutoShip program, which gives them a discount on their products. The difference between the discounted AutoShip and Consultant prices determines the Consultant’s profit.

Customer Volume Bonus

The Customer Volume Bonus is a reward program that depends on the amount of Customer Sales Volume (CSV) you acquire within a calendar month.

CSV signifies the overall volume of products bought directly from Immunotec by your first-level Customers. The more you accumulate, the greater your earnings will be.

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Business Builder Bonus

This bonus rewards you for helping your new Consultants build their business quickly. As a result, you can receive between 5 and 20 percent on the commissionable volume when you personally enroll new Consultants.

To explain further, if you enroll one Consultant, you will receive a 5% BBB on the commissionable volume produced in their account during the first month.

If you enroll two new Consultants monthly, you’ll receive a 10% BBB on the commissionable volume produced in both accounts during the first month.

Finally, if you enroll three new Consultants in a month, your BBB percentage increases to 20% on the volume produced in all three personal accounts.

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Team Commissions

Achieving success can be easier with the help of leverage, which allows you to avoid the common trap of trading time for money. One way to leverage your efforts is through Team Commissions.

Immunotec offers Consultants up to 47% in team commissions based on the Commissionable Volume (CV) of each product sold.

As you enroll Consultants and support them in selling products and guiding their teams, you can advance in rank and increase your earning potential.

Team Commissions are earned from the sale of Immunotec products by Independent Consultants, and they (Consultants) do not have to make purchases to earn commissions.

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Advancement and Accelerated Bonuses

As a Consultant, you can earn Moving Up Bonuses by selling products and helping others to do the same. These bonuses are paid out every time you advance to a higher rank and maintain it for the following months.

The Moving Up Bonus rewards your progress in achieving a new rank. You can receive even more with the Accelerated Moving Up Bonus if you achieve this rank advancement within a specific period.

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If a Downline Consultant at Gold rank or above earns a Moving Up Bonus, their upline sponsor of equal or higher “paid as” rank will receive a Sponsor Moving Up Bonus.

For example, if a Downline Consultant is promoted to Diamond and earns the Moving Up Bonus, the first upline sponsor who is “paid as” Diamond or above will receive $1,000 as a Sponsor Moving Up Bonus.

Additionally, the Accelerated Sponsor Moving Up Bonus is paid out over several months when a Downline Consultant is promoted to a new rank within a specific period. However, they must maintain their new rank each month to continue earning the bonus.

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Senior Platinum Bonus

If a Platinum Consultant promotes another Platinum Consultant in their downline, they become a Senior Platinum Consultant. As a result, they can take part in a progressive pool that allows them to share up to 0.5% of the Company’s Total Commissionable Volume (TCV) monthly.

This program aims to provide significant rewards for a Platinum Consultant who promotes more Platinum Consultants in their downline.

Furthermore, the bonus rate is higher for promotions that are closer to the Senior Platinum Consultant than promotions made several levels below.

This ensures that the Senior Platinum Consultant who has been promoted is actively working on their business and mentoring, training, and supporting their downline as a requirement to participate in the pool.

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Section 3 – Immunotec Products

In this section, our attention is directed towards Immunotec’s products, specifically highlighting their unique features.

Immunotec’s flagship product is Immunocal, a patented, clinically proven whey protein isolate that aids in boosting glutathione, a crucial antioxidant for immune system support.

It is believed to assist the body in maintaining optimal concentrations of glutathione (GSH) by supplying the precursors required for intracellular glutathione synthesis.

Immunocal Platinum is another product incorporating key ingredients to further address age-related decline.

They produce a wider range of products that aim to enhance holistic well-being by targeting various aspects of health and lifestyle, including nutrition, fitness, appearance, mindset, and sleep,

Note the following data about Immunocal according to the official company website 

Portions sold so far430,000,000
Servings sold per month9,000 000
Cash spent in research so far$25,000,000
Universities involved in research28
Articles written by Immunocal creators  Over 400
Years in PDR and CPS – Physicians’ Desk Reference Book and Compendium of Pharmaceutical Specialties20 Years

How Immunocal Supports the Immune System

Immunocal is a natural protein that reportedly helps maintain the immune system. It contains building blocks for glutathione, a molecule essential for life and critical for health.

Glutathione is your body’s master antioxidant, the chief enzyme for detoxification, and food for the immune system.

The protein assists the body in maintaining optimal concentrations of glutathione by supplying the precursors necessary for synthesizing intracellular glutathione. It is a cysteine delivery system that offers a rich source of bioavailable cysteine, which is a precursor to glutathione.

Immunocal supports the immune system through various mechanisms.

One way is by regulating the presentation of antigens to lymphocytes, which affects the production of cytokines and determines the type of response (cellular or humoral) that is generated. It also enhances the proliferation of lymphocytes, thereby increasing the magnitude of the response.

In addition, it enhances the killing activity of cytotoxic T cells and NK cells while regulating apoptosis. This maintains control of the immune response.

Are Immunotec Products Tested and Certified?

Immunocal is backed by multiple certifications and rigorous testing that ensure its quality and safety. Both Immunocal and Immunocal Platinum are certified by LGC, a reputable international testing entity, and have earned the “INFORMED-CHOICE” logo.

Third-party assessments from organizations like the Clean Label Project further reinforce Immunotec’s dedication to maintaining high standards. For athletes, Immunocal Sport is certified by Informed-Sport, assuring its integrity.

Section 4 – Doubts and Misconceptions about Immunotec

This section will discuss some controversies and concerns related to the company, providing insight into these disputed topics.

Like many other MLM companies, Immunotec is facing doubts about the effectiveness of its products due to a lack of transparent scientific evidence.

Some consumers are concerned about the absence of credible research supporting their claims. The company is also accused of its sales force exaggerating claims, which gives consumers false hope.

For example, in January 2022, The Direct Selling Self-Regulatory Council (DSSRC) of BBB National Programs recommended in a press release that certain product performance and earnings claims made by Immunotec and its salesforce should be discontinued.

Alongside other issues, the press release highlighted claims that Immunotec products can cure cancer, infertility, and other terminal health challenges.

Section 5 – FAQs and Recap 

Here, we summarize some key concepts by addressing some frequently asked questions about Immunotec

What is Immunotec and what is its main focus?

Immunotec is a Canadian company that specializes in manufacturing and distributing nutritional and wellness products through a direct-selling model. The company offers products that are said to enhance the quality of life and performance, with a primary focus on supporting the human immune system.

How has Immunotec performed in the direct selling industry?

According to the Global 100 List of Top Direct Selling MLM Companies in the World, Immunotec has demonstrated impressive performance in the direct selling space. For example, in 2019, it achieved a revenue of $180 million, which increased to $220 million in 2020 and settled at $217 million in 2021.

What does IMMUNOCAL do for the body?

This product helps the body maintain optimal levels of glutathione (GSH) by providing the necessary precursors for intracellular synthesis. Clinical studies have shown that it can increase glutathione levels.

Does IMMUNOCAL have side effects?

Although whey protein is beneficial, it can also have some negative effects. The Austin Journal of Nutrition and Food Sciences published a review in January 2014 that outlined these side effects. Some of them include reduced appetite, headaches, bloating, diarrhea, nausea, thirst, and cramps..

What is the history behind Immunotec’s founding?

Immunotec was founded in 1996 in Canada and in 1997 in the US. Its flagship product is Immunocal, a whey protein isolate that supports the immune system by aiding in producing glutathione, a vital antioxidant. The development of Immunocal was inspired by Dr. Gustavo Bounous’s research on post-surgical recovery and protein’s impact on the immune system.


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