LR Health & Beauty System’s Journey in Empowering Wellness and Beauty

LR Health & Beauty is a reputable global company specializing in wellness, beauty, and personal care items. The company’s product portfolio includes three primary business lines, namely nutrition, cosmetics, and fragrances.

It is widely regarded as Germany’s largest network marketing company within its specific niche.

Given its distinctive business opportunities, LR Health & Beauty is prominent among direct sales enterprises.

Read on to learn how LR Health & Beauty has impacted how people approach self-care and entrepreneurship.


LR Health & Beauty has over 30 years of experience in direct sales and health & beauty solutions.

The company is considered Germany’s largest network marketing company in its niche.

They operate with 29 international sales companies, 1,200 employees, and a network of over 300,000 independent sales partners.

The company’s compensation plan includes retail and downline commissions.

Section 1 – The Company 

This section will look at LR Health & Beauty’s early days, exploring its history, market accomplishments, and noteworthy factors that aided its growth.

Overview of LR Health & Beauty

LR Health & Beauty boasts over 30 years of experience in direct sales and health & beauty solutions. The company comprises two impactful subsidiaries, each with its own mission. 

One of the subsidiaries focuses on utilizing the natural properties of Aloe Vera to create a range of products. These products are designed to maximize the benefits of Aloe Vera for the user’s health and beauty. 

The other subsidiary, the LR Global Kids Fund, is devoted to nurturing the potential of disadvantaged children. The fund helps these children achieve a brighter and more promising future by providing support and resources. 

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What is the size of LR Health & Beauty?

As per information from its official website and LinkedIn, LR Health and Beauty operates with 29 international sales companies, 1,200 employees, and a network of over 300,000 independent sales partners.

The company is engaged in product production and distribution across 32 countries. 

LR Health & Beauty’s Market Performance

Over the years, LR Health & Beauty has established itself as a worthy contender in direct selling. Its journey through the lens of the Direct Selling News (DSN) rankings showcases a trajectory of stability and adaptability.

In 2014, for example, LR Health & Beauty marked its presence by securing the 57th position among a cohort of 100 companies. The revenue for that year amounted to an impressive $303 million, laying a strong foundation for the company’s future endeavors.

The year 2015 saw LR Health & Beauty further solidify its standing in the industry as it moved up a notch to the 56th rank. Simultaneously, the revenue experienced a modest increase, reaching $306 million. This subtle yet consistent progress was a testament to the company’s aspiration to perform better.

The trend of incremental advancement continued into 2016, as it climbed another step to secure the 55th position on the DSN rankings. Despite a slightly reduced revenue of $286 million, the company’s ability to maintain its foothold within the top ranks showcased its resilience in an ever-evolving market.

Fast forwarding to 2021, LR Health & Beauty displayed a significant leap, positioning itself at the 33rd rank out of 58 companies listed. Accompanied by revenue of $325 million, this achievement underscored the company’s capability to adapt to changing dynamics and consumer preferences.

However, 2022 saw a slight dip in both rank and revenue. Despite being ranked 34th out of 52 companies, it managed to generate a revenue of $285 million, 

During the first quarter of 2023, the LR Group experienced a 5% increase in sales compared to the previous year. Additionally, they expanded their market internationally by entering the UK market.

The journey of LR Health & Beauty on the DSN website rankings is a tale of consistent effort, strategic maneuvering, and financial resilience. 

Despite not posting its results on the DSN website for the years 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020, the company’s ascent, occasional fluctuations, and a possible commitment to delivering on its promises have allowed it to maintain a visible position within the dynamic world of direct selling.

LR Health & Beauty History

LR Health & Beauty was founded in Ahlen, Germany, in 1985 by Helmut Spikker and Achim Hickmann. It was one of the first direct-selling companies to offer various wellness, beauty, and lifestyle products.

From 1990 to 1994, LR Health & Beauty made significant progress on the global stage. It expanded its reach to many parts of the world, with subsidiaries established in Austria, Luxembourg, Belgium, Denmark, Greece, Sweden, and the Netherlands. This demonstrated the company’s dedication to crossing borders and achieving worldwide growth.

Between 1995 and 1999, LR introduced a significant development by revealing its unique car concept. This innovative effort resulted in the presentation of LR Mercedes Benz cars to 200 Consultants, which served as a gesture of the company’s gratitude for their commitment.

During this time, LR established subsidiaries in Romania, Slovakia, Czech Republic, France, Portugal, Finland, Norway, and Switzerland, further strengthening its presence across various cultures.

They experienced significant growth and innovation during the early 2000s (2000-2004). One of their major achievements during this time was the creation of the Aloe Vera Drinking Gel, which gained the support of influential figures like Guido Maria Kretschmer and Bruce Willis. 

Additionally, it expanded its presence by establishing new subsidiaries in Cyprus, Turkey, Hungary, Poland, and Ukraine in 2004.

The company has made significant achievements over the years. For example, in 2008, they set a Guinness World Record by creating the LR logo from an impressive collection of 265 VW Polos. 

The following year, they launched the LR Global Kids Fund, showing their commitment to making a positive impact worldwide.

In 2011, they expanded their reach by unveiling their Russian subsidiary. LR Health & Beauty has come a long way since its humble beginnings and is now a major player in the wellness, beauty, and lifestyle industry, creating a growing impact on direct selling.

LR Health & Beauty’s Top Executives

The LR company website lists the following top executives in their respective positions:

Dr. Andreas Laabs: Chief Executive Officer

Thomas Heursen: General Manager Global Partner Relations

Andreas Grootz: General Manager Legal & New Markets

Patrick Sostmann: General Manager Sales and Marketing

Given the company’s extensive size and reach, additional regional executives might likely appear on their respective jurisdiction-based websites. These individuals include:

Christian Schepermann: Vice President of Process Management and IT

Andreas Rutsch: Chief Financial Officer

Gaby Schippers: Head of Creative Design and Copy

Benjamin Chaulet: Head of Marketing, New Media

Who owns LR Health and Beauty Systems?

In 2004, Apax Partners acquired LR Health & Beauty. Later, in December 2012, a group of private equity firms, Bregal Capital and Quadriga Capital, acquired it.

However, the valuation of the acquisition was not disclosed. Currently, LR Health & Beauty Systems is privately held.

LR Health and Beauty Systems Headquarters

Health Beauty Holding’s headquarters are located at 55 Kruppstr., Ahlen, Nordrhein Westfalen, 59227, Germany

Section 2 – Business Model

This section will evaluate LR Health and Beauty’s business model. We will analyze their product marketing strategies and assess the opportunities available for their independent sales representatives, also known as LR Partners.

How LR Health and Beauty Markets their Goods and Services

 LR Health & Beauty is a multilevel marketing company where independent sales representatives or LR partners distribute their products. These people earn commissions based on their sales.

Additionally, the company utilizes multiple channels to market its products, such as online sales and affiliate marketing.

LR Health and Beauty’s Compensation Plan

The LR Health and Beauty MLM program is a straightforward initiative with a basic structure that includes retail and downline commissions.

The plan presents a traditional marketing strategy infused with extra incentives at crucial milestones within the career advancement journey. Within this plan, the company extends a unique chance to generate income through a trading margin, equating to 40% of the partner’s acquisition cost.

For example, if the partner cost of the product is $100, it is sold to the client with a 40% markup for $140

Downline commission rates extend to 6 levels (starting with 3% for the first level).

To be eligible for downline commissions, Team Partners (TPs) must achieve a minimum of 250 PV (Personal Volume) per month through personal or customer sales. However, it’s important to note that a base sales commission of 40% can be earned even without meeting or sustaining sales targets.

Payment is disbursed every month.


In the LR Health and Beauty MLM program, commissions are allocated over six levels, which are defined by the LR Partner’s total PV sales.

The table outlines the FastTrack Bonus many organizations give new members (in this case, Partners) who advance in rank within the first 30-60 days. This structure is illustrated as follows;

11%2000FastStart ****
14%Junior Manager4000FastTrack**250 euro
21%Junior Team Leader12000FastTrack**1000 euro
Team Leader16000FastTrack**1250 euro

The Scope of Business Opportunity (UK)

This image depicts the various levels of success that an LR Partner can achieve, starting from Junior Manager and progressing up to the position of President.  It also shows the potential monthly income for each level.

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For a better understanding, I shall randomly select and discuss three ranks in fair detail;

Junior Manager

To rise to the Junior Manager’s rank in LR Health and Beauty, you must consistently maintain 100 PV in personal purchases, cultivate two lines with at least 500 PV each, accumulate 2,000 PV in Side Volume, and have a line with 4,000 PV or more.

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What does this mean exactly?

To demonstrate your commitment to the products and the business, it is essential to maintain a minimum of 100 PV in personal purchases. This showcases your belief in the products you are promoting and sets an example for your team.

It is also important to develop two separate lines, each with a minimum of 500 PV, to effectively mentor and support your team members, fostering their growth and aiding them in achieving their own goals.

Accumulating 2,000 PV in side volume illustrates your capacity to balance and nurture both sides of your organization, showing your managerial skills.

Additionally, having a line with a minimum of 4,000 PV emphasizes your leadership abilities and confirms your capability to lead a team toward substantial success.


To ascend to the rank of OrgaLeader, you must focus on several key performance indicators that reflect your personal efforts and leadership capabilities. These are the qualifications;

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Personal Purchase Volume (PV)

You need at least 100 PV in personal purchases over three consecutive months. This demonstrates your commitment to the company’s offerings and their value to you and your potential customers.

Team Performance – 500 PV Lines

You must cultivate six lines, with each line generating at least 500 PV in sales. This requirement showcases your ability to mentor and support your team to achieve substantial sales volumes.

Total Group Performance (PV)

Accumulate 24,000 PV in sales across your entire group. This displays your leadership skills and the ability to inspire your team to perform at a high level.

Side Volume Performance

Alternatively, you can achieve OrgaLeader rank by accumulating 12,000 PV inside volume. This approach emphasizes the balance of growth across your team and highlights your ability to develop leaders in various parts of your organization.

Leadership Depth – 21%-line(s)

Achieving OrgaLeader status also requires you to establish a leadership depth that signifies stability and growth within your team. This can be accomplished by having either one line with at least 21% commission qualification or two separate lines meeting these criteria.

This emphasizes your focus on developing leaders to sustain and further your team’s success.

Silver OrgaLeader

The Silver OrgaLeader rank is not merely about one’s ability to make sales but a testament to their skill in building a thriving team and fostering a sustainable business network.

To reach this rank, several key metrics must be met consistently for three consecutive months.

LR Health & Beauty Silve OrgaleaderPin
Personal Volume (PV) Personal Purchase: At least 100 PV

At the core of any network marketing venture is the belief in and utilization of the products offered by the company.

Aspiring Silver OrgaLeaders must display their commitment by maintaining a minimum personal purchase of 100 PV each month. This demonstrates a genuine connection to the LR Health product line and sets an example for their team members.

Building 500 PV Lines: 6 Times

The Silver OrgaLeader journey involves fostering growth not only within your personal sales but also within your team. To achieve this, candidates must establish six separate lines within their organization that (each)) achieve a sales volume of at least 500 PV. This requirement underscores the importance of a balanced and resilient network and the ability to simultaneously provide effective leadership to multiple teams.

Accumulating Volume: 4 Times at 21% Lines + 12,000 PV Side Volume OR 5 Times at 21% Lines

Elevating to the Silver OrgaLeader rank necessitates more than just reaching certain sales thresholds. It entails demonstrating your aptitude for effective sales organization and team development. Candidates can choose from two distinct routes to fulfill this requirement:

  1. Option A: 4 Times at 21% Lines + 12,000 PV Side Volume This option emphasizes the ability to generate substantial sales volume within a specific sector of your team, highlighted by achieving 21% commission lines four times. Furthermore, the 12,000 PV side volumes accumulation highlights your proficiency in managing and sustaining substantial sales activity.
  2. Option B: 5 Times at 21% Lines: Alternatively, candidates can showcase their prowess by consistently achieving the 21% commission line five times. This route underscores the importance of maintaining strong and consistent sales activity across a broader segment of your organization.

Section 3 – LR Health and Beauty Products

Here, we will highlight a few LR Health and Beauty products across three different categories, providing you with an overview of what they have available

This company offers different products that cater to fragrance enthusiasts, cosmetic lovers, and those seeking wellness through nutritional supplements. 

 Their fragrance collection includes;

  • Classics Men’s Eau de Parfum
  • Wonderlove Eau de Parfum
  • Jungle Man LR for men 

They also offer cosmetics like the;

  • Deluxe Anti-Aging Foundation
  • Colours Lipstick
  • Aloe Vera Cleansing Gel 

In addition, LR has a range of nutritional supplements that comprise; 

  • L-Arginine ProBalance
  • ProBalance Omega-3
  • Figu Active Shake

What is unique about LR Health and Beauty Products? 

LR Health & Beauty products stand out because they incorporate Aloe Vera, which brings numerous potential benefits for skin health across skincare, personal care, and wellness items.

Their extensive product range also speaks to the company’s uniqueness since many competitors have a relatively narrow product range.

Additionally, the company’s collaborations with celebrities like Bruce Willis, influencers, and health/beauty experts set them apart, potentially resulting in unique product offerings.

Where are LR Health and Beauty Products Made?

The majority of LR Health and Beauty items are manufactured in Germany. The company has recently established a modern production facility spanning an area of 4,000 square meters, complete with an adjacent high-capacity warehouse.

Product Regulation, Testing, and Certification

In the EU, cosmetic products must undergo all the required testing defined in the EU Cosmetics Regulation (EC) 1223/2009 to be compliant and safe for use under reasonably foreseeable conditions.

LR Health and Beauty products are no exception and must undergo testing to ensure compliance with these regulations.

The testing process includes; 

  • Safety Testing
  • Microbiological Testing
  • Physical and Chemical Testing

In addition to testing, all cosmetic products sold in the European Union must be produced according to good manufacturing practices (GMP. 

The company has received various product certifications, including a Certificate of Quality by SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS and Friend of the Sea Certification for sustainability with Omega 3 fatty acids. 

Section 4 – Doubts and Misconceptions about LR Health and Beauty

This segment will highlight rumors and misunderstandings arising from ignorance about MLM’s legitimacy

Many people struggle to tell the difference between Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) and pyramid schemes, leading to MLMs being viewed negatively. 

A review on Reddit by someone called A GuyNamedEddie is a classic example of this. 

He said, “There is no need to look up the company, its products, its founders, its commission schedule, etc., etc. LR Health & Beauty is a multi-level marketing company, and that means they are a scam.” 

This is just one example of how misinformation can spread on social media platforms, where rumors, misunderstandings, and doubts can arise due to a lack of scientific knowledge or insufficient disclosure on the company’s part.

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Section 5 – FAQs And Recap 

Finally, we summarize some key concepts by answering frequently asked questions about LR Health and Beauty

What is LR Health & Beauty?

LR Health & Beauty is a German-based company specializing in wellness, beauty, and personal care products.

How large is LR Health & Beauty?

LR Health & Beauty operates with 29 international sales companies, employs around 1,200 people, and has a network of over 300,000 independent sales partners. The company is active in product production and distribution across 32 countries.

How does LR Health & Beauty market its products?

LR Health & Beauty employs a multilevel marketing (MLM) business model, where independent sales representatives (LR partners) distribute products and earn commissions based on their sales. The company uses various channels to market its products, including online sales and affiliate marketing.

What are the qualifications for different ranks within the LR Health & Beauty compensation plan?

The qualifications for various ranks involve personal purchase volume, team performance, total group performance, side volume performance, and leadership depth. These criteria help determine a partner’s rank and commission eligibility.

Are LR Health & Beauty products regulated and certified?

Yes, LR Health & Beauty products undergo safety, microbiological, and physical/chemical testing to ensure compliance with EU regulations. The company has received certifications such as the Certificate of Quality by SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS and Friend of the Sea Certification.

Is LR Health & Beauty a pyramid scheme?

No, LR Health & Beauty is not a pyramid scheme. It operates as a legitimate multilevel marketing (MLM) company, where partners earn commissions based on product sales and team building. Pyramid schemes focus primarily on recruiting and lack legitimate product sales.


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