Pruvit: A Leading Ketone Supplement MLM with a Complex Reward Program

Pruvit is a successful ketone supplement MLM company, which was recognized in the 2022 DSN Global 100 list where it was ranked in 21st place.

Since its inception, the company has achieved tremendous growth. So far, it has established a strong presence in the ketone supplement niche. And it utilizes an advanced multi-level marketing program, featuring a combination of bonuses with a wide variety of qualification requirements.

This in-depth analysis gives a comprehensive review of the company to help you understand the MLM opportunity it offers.


  • Pruvit is a highly successful ketone supplement MLM company, achieving annual revenues of $598 million by 2021 and a presence in multiple countries worldwide.
  • Founded in 2015 by Brian Underwood and Christopher Harding, Pruvit has experienced rapid growth, including a 400% year-over-year increase two years after inception.
  • The company employs a complex multi-level marketing program with 38 different ranks for promoters and multiple options for earning rewards and bonuses.
  • In 2022, Pruvit’s average annual income for US promoters was $2,392.51, with only 2.83% of promoters leaving the company after their first year.

Section 1 – The Company

Within this section, we evaluate Pruvit’s financial history, revenue growth, and market share for a comprehensive understanding of its viability over time and future potential.

Overview Of Pruvit

Pruvit Ventures, Inc. (Pruvit) is a company that produces and sells keto supplements, including drinks, MCT oil, and other products designed to put the body into ketosis quickly.

Ketosis is a metabolic state in which your body burns stored fat for energy instead of glucose, potentially to lose weight loss, increase energy, and treat chronic illnesses.

The company was founded with the goal of creating the world’s leading consumer-based ketone supplement, and it’s actually ranked as one of the top companies globally in the ketone supplements market. It operates as a multi-level marketing (MLM) company, and individuals can become independent promoters.

Market Performance

Pruvit is a massively successful company having achieved annual revenues worth $598 million by 2021, and $2 billion in total sales.

And it operates in several worldwide locations, including:

  • Australia
  • United States
  • Canada
  • Macau
  • Hong Kong
  • Malaysia
  • Mexico
  • Singapore
  • New Zealand
  • Taiwan

Pruvit states that they delivered over 100 million servings worldwide.

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Brian Underwood started Pruvit in 2015 together with Christopher Harding.

The co-founders set up the company based on the pursuit of true human optimization, enhanced performance, and an improved quality of life. Also, they wanted to create products that were unique from others in the supplement industry that was filled with similar products. The company created the consumer-based ketone supplement drink, KETO//OS®, among other products.

Two years since inception, Prüvit experienced 400% year-over-year growth. It also expanded into Canada, Asia, and Australia.

Prüvit is now a world leader in ketone technology.

Who Founded Pruvit?

Christopher Harding and Brian Underwood are the two Prüvit co-founders. Rob DeBoer is another co-founder that isn’t directly mentioned on the company website.

Christopher Harding - PruvitPin

Christopher N. Harding, a Louisville, Kentucky native, was an accomplished entrepreneur, pro-sports owner, philanthropist, investor, and art collector.

Brian Underwood - PruvitPin

Likewise, Brian Underwood has a wealth of experience as an entrepreneur.

Who Is The CEO Of Pruvit?

Mr. Brian Underwood is the current CEO and Blake Mallen is the President.

The company also has various academic professionals and medical experts including:

  • Dr. Ryan Lowery – Doctor, National Champion Baseball Player
  • Dr. Ken Ford – PhD
  • Dr. Angela Poff – PhD, Researcher
  • Dr. Andra Campitelli – Doctor, ND
  • Dr. Jacob Wilson – Doctor, PhD

Who Is The Owner Of Pruvit?

Since the company was co-founded by Brian Underwood, Christopher Harding, and Rob DeBoer, it’s likely that they still own it since there doesn’t seem to be any report of them selling it.

Where Is Pruvit’s Headquarters?

The company’s headquarters is located in Melissa, Texas, at 901 Sam Rayburn Hwy, Melissa, TX 75454-2218. The marketing team is located in Louisville, Kentucky.

Company Values And Mission

Prüvit’s founders formed the company with the idea of creating something different from the norm. Moreover, its impressive growth has been attributed to a focus on education as an integral part of the growth strategy. The founders believe that the seed of all innovation is education, and they offer various layers of educational experiences.

Section 2 – Business Model

In this second section, we delve into Pruvit’s business model, examining the company’s sales tactics and marketing efforts to show how they impact independent distributors.

How Does Pruvit Market Its Services

The company uses multi-level marketing/ direct selling to customers through individual distributors called Promoters or Prüvers.

Pruvit’s Compensation Model Explained

Promoters rise through 38 different ranks in Pruvit’s compensation plan.

Here is an overview of the ranks and qualification requirements:

R1 – Prüver50250200
1 Star350250
2 Star500300
3 Star1,000350
R2 – Prüver501,500500
1 Star2,5001,000
2 Star3,5001,500
3 Star4,5002,000
R3 – Prüver505,0002,500
1 Star6,0003,000
2 Star7,0003,500
3 Star8,0004,000
R4 – Prüver10010,0005,000
1 Star12,5005,500
2 Star15,0006,000
3 Star17,5006,500
R5 – Prüver10020,0007,500
1 Star22,5009,000
2 Star25,00011,000
3 Star27,50013,000
Circle of Champions
R6 – Champion20030,00015,000
1 Star45,00017,500
2 Star60,00020,000
3 Star75,00025,000
R7 – 100k Champion200100,00030,000
1 Star125,00035,000
2 Star150,00040,000
3 Star200,00045,000
R8 – 250k Champion200250,00050,000
1 Star350,00060,000
2 Star450,00070,000
3 Star600,00085,000
R9 – 750k Champion200750,000100,000
1 Star800,000125,000
2 Star850,000150,000
3 Star925,000175,000
R10 – 1m Champion2001,000,000250,000
Legend2002,000,000 plus one R10 1m Champion in the first 3 levels of your personal downline300,000

In the table above, note the following:

  • PQV (Personal Qualifying Volume) is based on a Promoter’s and customers’ purchases.
  • TV (Team Volume) is based on purchases within the first three levels of your personal downline and your customers’ purchases, but not your orders.
  • GV (Group Volume) is based on purchases within your entire downline and personal orders, but resets every month.

How To Make Money On Pruvit

Pruvit Promoters have multiple options to get paid, which vary for different countries including the US, EU countries, and the UK.

For US Promoters, the first option is Kick-Off Rewards within the first month:

  • Go MVP Bonus (GMB) – A cash bonus, unlocking accelerated Go Fast Bonuses, and additional Bonus Pool shares. Based on New Personal Qualifying Volume (NPQV) and 3 customers within 30 days.

Gameplay Rewards are the second option:

  • MVP Multiplier Bonus (MM) – Qualify to earn additional cash, and even double the cash by qualifying for 3 consecutive months. Starts at $250.
  • Go All-Star Bonus (GAB) – A cash bonus and extra levels on the MVP Mentor Bonus, if you develop 4 MVPs within 120 days. A one-time $1,000 cash bonus.
  • Go Fast Bonus (GFB) – Weekly bonuses/ commissions on all commissionable orders within the first 30 days of your personal downline Promoters. Here is an overview of the bonus:
Personal DownlineStandardAcceleratedPower-Up
Level 120%20%20%
Level 25%10%10%
Level 310%20%20%
Level 45%5%
Level 52%
Level 62%
Level 72%
Level 82%
  • MVP Mentor Bonus (MMB) – Cash bonuses for downline Promoters achieving Go MVP bonuses. $50 (Standard) or $100 (Power-Up) from level 1 to 3, and $50 (Accelerated) from level 1 to 8.
  • VIP Bonus (VIP) – Bonus cash for having personal VIP Customers. $150 to $2,000 first-time bonuses or $50 to $400+ ongoing bonuses for 10 to 100 VIP Customers.
  • Retailer Bonus (RB) – Commission on commissionable purchases by personally enrolled Customers. Here is an overview of the bonuses:
LevelBonus Rate
Personal Customers40% (applied on 50% of commissionable purchases)
Level 1 Customers5%
Level 2 Customers10%
Level 3 Customers15%
  • Endorsement Bonus (EB) – Free monthly products for directly referring 2 SmartShip Customers.

Leadership Rewards is the third option:

  • Champion Car Bonus (CCB) – As much as $800 for luxury cars for achieving Rank 6 and above for 2+ consecutive months.
  • New Rank Advancement Bonuses – Bonus cash for achieving Rank 6 in your first 6 months or Rank 7 in your first 12 months. Up to $3,000 (rank 6) or $10,000 (rank 7) one-time cash bonus.

Residual Rewards are the fourth option:

  • Residual Commission (RC) – Monthly commission based on commissionable purchases (Bonus Value/ BV) on the eleven levels of your entire downline hierarchy (Placement Tree). Here is an overview:
Pruvit residual commissions tablePin
  • Champion Bonus (RCB) – Commission based on commissionable purchases from unlimited levels one to five generations deep in your personally enrolled downline. Here is an overview:
Champion Bonus (RCB)
RankGeneration 1Generation 2Generation 3Generation 4Generation 5
  • Residual Match (RM) – A commission of the RC earned by Promoters contributing to your Team Volume (within the first three levels of your personally enrolled downline). Here is an overview:
Pruvit residual match tablePin

Moreover, Prüvit runs regular contests and promotions.

Customers can get a 22% discount off retail prices as SmartShip Customers which is a status achieved after making recurring orders. They also benefit from Endorsement Bonuses whereby they get free products each month by directly referring and retaining two SmartShip Customers.

How Many Pruvit Promoters Are There?

Pruvit reveals that the company had 39,692 Promoters in the US in 2019. Thereafter, 9,680 signed up in 2022 in the US and 9,406 of those were still active at the end of the year. In that year, the company had 25,251 promoters who were eligible for downline commissions.

How To Become A Pruvit Promoter

Pruvit recommends that you first contact your referrer to get proper guidance on the registration process.

How Much Money Can You Make With Pruvit?

According to Pruvit’s recent income disclosure statement for United States promoters eligible for downline commissions in 2022:

  • the average annual income was $2,392.51
  • the median annual income was $10.59
  • only 2.83% of Promoters left after their first year (9,406 were still active out of 9,680 that signed up in 2022)

Here is a more detailed breakdown of the income disclosure:

Rank% of All PromotersNumber of PromotersAverage Annual IncomeHighest IncomeLowest IncomeAverage Tenure (months)
Unranked44.15%11,149$10.48 $750.00 $0 20
R116.26%4,106$304.18 $11,823.23 $0 28
R25.43%1,371$1,537.98 $159,999.23 $0 32
R30.98%247$4,993.08 $46,343.09 $329.96 43
R40.40%101$8,639.14 $50,086.05 $633.42 45
R531.44%7,939$1,139.73 $666,720.71 $0 16
R60.76%191$46,017.26 $1,277,436.94 $142.41 49
R70.35%88$82,997.96 $626,398.13 $750.00 42
R80.14%35$245,365.41 $593,143.02 $0 64
R90.03%7$319,661.75 $513,631.79 $184,905.68 82
R100.04%10$728,877.40 $1,204,983.88 $359,012.11 76
R110.03%7$1,527,993.15 $3,357,322.26 $0 67

Based on the above data, Pruvit paid out a total of $59,531,800.34 in commissions in 2022.

Note that these figures don’t include in-person retail sales.

How To Sell Pruvit’s Products

Promoters can either buy products for resell or refer customers to the Pruvit website.

How Much Does It Cost To Join Pruvit?

To enroll as a Promoter, you’ll pay an annual membership fee of $49. This gives you access to various business tools and the Prüvit Promoter Cloud to track your progress in the Prüformance Rewards Program.

Alternatively, you can start off with one of several product bundles priced from $280 to $997 (plus a $1 annual membership fee).

Do Promoters Have A Minimum PV Requirement?

Promoters are only qualified to earn with a minimum of 50 PQV (Personal Qualifying Volume) that is no more than 40% from the Promoters’ own orders, during the Qualifying Cycle (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual periods).

They should also have an engaged status (possessing a qualified minimum PQV in the current qualifying month).

Section 3 – Products

In this section, we evaluate the company’s key brands as well as product manufacturing and testing aspects.

What Does Pruvit Sell (Video)?

Pruvit focuses on selling ketone dietary supplements which contain exogenous ketones (molecules that increase ketone levels in the blood).

The company states that such ketones help your body enter a state of ketosis, where it breaks down slow-burning fats instead of fast-burning carbohydrates for long-term energy.

The company highlights the following key products that it offers:

  • I-Fast Transformation System
  • MCT//143®

Where Are Pruvit’s Products Made?

The company’s manufacturing and core operational support are located in Melissa, Texas.

Are Pruvit’s Products Tested And Certified?

Various scientific studies show that ketone supplements offer various benefits including:

  • boosting athletic performance
  • increasing mental performance
  • decreasing appetite

Such benefits are particularly evident in exogenous ketone drinks like those offered by Pruvit.

However, the limited scope of the studies doesn’t provide conclusive results on the benefits of these supplements.

Section 4 – Doubts and Misconceptions About Pruvit

This section covers common misconceptions and addresses false perceptions associated with the company, its products, and the business opportunity.

Lawsuits And Independent Reviews Of Pruvit

Pruvit has had several incidences that have given it a negative perception, including:

  • The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) sent warning letters to several MLM companies, including Pruvit on 24th April, 2020, regarding unsubstantiated health and exaggerated earnings claims related to COVID-19.
  • highlights the fact that some Prüvit distributors exaggerate the health benefits of the company’s products, claiming that the products can treat multiple diseases.
  • In 2012, Rob DeBoer, a co-founder of Prüvit, had to pay $150,000 as a defendant in a case by the FTC against another MLM company called BurnLounge. The FTC determined that BurnLounge was operating an illegal pyramid scheme.

However, the company has overcome many of the negative issues and currently boasts of several positive independent reviews, including:

  • An average 4.82 out of 5-star rating from 422 customer reviews on the Better Business Bureaus.
  • A high rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars from 160 reviews on Trustpilot
  • A high rating of 4 out of 5 stars from 567 reviews on the Pruvit Pulse Android app which has 100k+ downloads

How Long Does It Take For Pruvit To Work?

Prüvit claims that its Keto OS supplement allows consumers to reach a state of ketosis within 60 minutes after consumption.

What Happens If You Quit Pruvit?

Pruvit can repurchase returned products from both Promoters and Customers who resign. Such products must be unopened and 6+ months before expiry.

Section 5 – FAQs and Recap

In conclusion, we summarize some key concepts by answering frequently asked questions.

What is Pruvit and what products do they offer?

Pruvit is a multi-level marketing (MLM) company that specializes in producing and selling ketone supplements, including drinks, MCT oil, and other products designed to help the body achieve ketosis quickly. Their flagship product is KETO//OS®, a consumer-based ketone supplement drink, along with a range of other health and wellness products.

How do I become a Pruvit Promoter?

To become a Pruvit Promoter, you should first get in touch with your referrer for guidance on the registration process. You’ll need to pay an annual membership fee of $49, which grants you access to various business tools and the Prüvit Promoter Cloud to track your progress in the Prüformance Rewards Program.

How much can I earn as a Pruvit Promoter?

Earnings as a Pruvit Promoter vary depending on factors like rank and sales performance. According to Pruvit’s recent income disclosure statement for 2022, the average annual income for eligible promoters in the United States was $2,392.51.

What is the Pruvit compensation plan like?

Pruvit’s compensation plan is quite complex, with Promoters rising through 38 different ranks and various ways to earn, including Kick-Off Rewards, Gameplay Rewards, Leadership Rewards, and Residual Rewards. Promoters earn commissions and bonuses based on their sales performance, personal qualifying volume, group volume, team volume, and other factors.

Can customers benefit from Pruvit’s programs or promotions?

Yes, customers can benefit from Pruvit’s programs and promotions, such as the SmartShip program, which offers a 22% discount off retail prices for recurring orders. Additionally, customers can receive free products each month through the Endorsement Bonus by directly referring and retaining two SmartShip Customers.


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