What is Jeunesse Global? A Complete Unbiased Analysis

Jeunesse (pronounced Juh-ness) Global is a relatively successful multi-level marketing company with a global presence in the beauty and wellness industry.

Jeunesse is actually a French word meaning “youth.” This fits in with the anti-aging products sold by the company.

Founded in 2009, Jeunesse Global experienced explosive growth which has gradually tapered off, based on the estimated annual revenues. Its business model offers an incredibly wide range of incentives for independent distributors, with a rather complex compensation plan.

Read on to get a deeper understanding of the company’s history, business model, and product offerings.


  • Jeunesse Global is a multi-level marketing company that focuses on anti-aging and wellness products.
  • It operates in over 145 countries and has a wide range of products, including skincare, supplements, and energy drinks.
  • The company has won several awards for its innovative products and business practices.

Section 1 – The Company

Jeunesse Logo

In this first section, we analyze Jeunesse’s history, revenue numbers, market size, and other relevant company information.

What is Jeunesse?

Jeunesse Global, officially known as Jeunesse Global Holdings, LLC, is a multi-level marketing business.

It serves the retail sector through direct marketing by independent distributors, and it offers non-medicated skin care products, and dietary and nutritional supplements.

The company’s marketing is focused on its youth-enhancing solutions as illustrated in this video.


Jeunesse is currently present in eight global regions, including North America, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, India, Greater China (Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan), and Japan.

The company is present in roughly 145+ global markets/ countries, and serves 35+ global languages.


Jeunesse is now a 13-year-old company since its launch at 9 p.m. Sept. 9th, 2009.

The founders are Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, a husband-and-wife team.

They actually came out of retirement to create Jeunesse. Their goal of building a global billion-dollar brand was achieved in six years when the company reached $1 billion in annual revenues in 2015.

Wendy and Randy had previous experience in direct selling 18 years ago as distributors. After successfully becoming owners of industry companies and support companies, they finally co-founded Jeunesse Global in 2009.

Who Owns Jeunesse Global? (Update 2023)

Jeunesse used to be a family business owned by the married couple, Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis.

In 2023 LACORE, a leading multi-client social selling and marketing company, acquired 100% ownership and management interest in Jeunesse Global.

The acquisition will bring Jeunesse Global’s popular skincare and wellness products to LACORE’s portfolio, strengthening its position in the international health and beauty market.

LACORE will provide infrastructure support to Jeunesse Global’s extensive distributor network across 30 offices in 8 regions, serving customers in 124 countries worldwide. LACORE CEO Terry LaCore has over 25 years of sales and distribution experience and has developed support services specifically designed for the social selling industry.

How big is Jeunesse?

Jeunesse states that the company reached well over $1 billion in annual sales by 2015. And more than $8 billion in cumulative worldwide sales by 2020 (probably lifetime sales).

Zippia estimates that Jeunesse Global made $83.4M in 2021, which indicates a dip in sales from the heights of 2015. IncFact gives a higher estimate of a revenue range between $100-$500 million in 2021. While Business for Home provides an even higher estimate of $750 million in 2021.

Although the exact revenue number may vary, most estimates show a decline in sales over the past few years.

Where is the Jeunesse headquarters?

The Jeunesse headquarters is found within the United States at 701 International Parkway, Lake Mary, FL 32746.

The customer service line is (321) 275-7171.

They also have 34 offices around the globe and 47 global distribution centers.

Jeunesse’s mission and values

The company states that they offer one of the most impressive compensation plans in the MLM space.

They aim to provide innovative and science-backed products using cutting-edge technology. Through a global support platform, the company then seeks to help empower people to unleash their potential.

Jeunesse has a strong family culture under the vision of “One Team, One Family, One Jeunesse.”

Section 2 – Business Model

Amway business model

This section covers Jeunesse’s business model. We analyze the marketing strategies deployed by the company and the opportunity for independent distributors.

How does Jeunesse market its services?

Jeunesse Global uses person-to-person direct selling through its independent distributors.

It has a highly advanced multilevel marketing system to further incentivize its independent distributors.

How many Jeunesse Independent Consultants (ICs) are there?

Data provided by Jeunesse indicates that they had 6,134 distributors who sponsored someone and had some level of activity in 2020. This does not include those who were inactive.

How to make money on Jeunesse

Three categories of income exist for Jeunesse Global Distributors to make money through the Financial Rewards Plan:

  • retail sales to customers to earn commissions
  • earning from building a team in your downline
  • getting rewards for your leadership as you grow to higher ranks

Within those categories, you’ll earn through 6 different ways as you climb through the achievement ranks:

  1. Earning commissions by buying products at wholesale and selling directly to customers or directing customers to your personalized Jeunesse website to buy the products.
  2. $25 – $250 Retail Sales Bonus for the first product package sold to each customer.
  3. Network team commissions.
  4. A weekly Matching Bonus for team growth as a percentage of team commissions on levels 1 – 7.
  5. A Customer Acquisition Incentive that increases your Matching Bonus.
  6. Bonus Pools of 3% of Jeunesse global commissions each quarter. It’s given to qualified Diamond Directors and above, as well as one-time bonuses to the four top ranks.

There are also travel rewards for top sellers including: Sales Incentive Trips (for distributors), the Emerald Experience (for Emerald Directors), and the Diamond Discovery (for Diamond Directors).

The retail profits from sales made online are paid weekly.

Also note that you cannot earn money only for recruiting or sponsoring others.

How much can you make as a Jeunesse Independent Distributor?

Jeunesse caps the maximum payout to all distributors at 45% of global revenue.

If distributors buy products at wholesale, they can make between 15% and 40% gross profit when selling to customers.

The company reveals that the typical independent distributor earned an average range of $0 to $220 in 2020 – 2021. Furthermore, 24.25% of 6,134 distributors in 2020, who sponsored someone and had some activity, did not earn any commissions.

Note that the company doesn’t track the in-person sales – only the sales made on the company’s online platform.

In 2020, the total reported earnings from all trackable sales and commissions were:

  • 66.12% (roughly 3,072 distributors) earned more than $245
  • 20.75% (roughly 964 distributors) earned more than $4,350
  • 3.74% (roughly 174 distributors) earned more than $82,000

The top 1% of earners took an average of 8 years to get there.

How to sell Jeunesse’s products

Distributors have two key ways to sell Jeunesse’s products:

  • buying at wholesale and reselling to customers
  • directing customers to their custom Jeunesse portal on the company website

What happens if you quit Jeunesse?

If you resign within the first 30 days, Jeunesse will fully refund your initial order.

And if you resign within the first year, you’ll get a 90% refund of your subsequent orders. Only if the orders are unopened and still marketable.

How to become a Jeunesse Independent Distributor

To become a Jeunesse Independent distributor, you need the username of a sponsor. This will be required when signing up.

You’ll then sign up through the portal of your sponsor, on the Jeunesse website: https://[sponsor-username].jeunesseglobal.com

When enrolling, you’ll sign and submit the Distributor Agreement, and purchase a Starter Kit at $49.95 (in the US).

You’ll also need to purchase a signup package which is a wholesale products’ pack ranging from $200 to $2,000+. The package should give you at least 100 points (the commissionable volume – CV) to activate your membership.

How much does it cost to be a Jeunesse Distributor?

The main costs include:

  • a starter kit at $49.95 (in the US)
  • buying (or selling) product worth at least 100 points/ CV in one month within your first year
  • buying (or selling) product worth 60 CV each month

Jeunesse’s Compensation Model explained

Jeunesse features a binary MLM plan with 15 achievement ranks as illustrated below.

Jeunesse Global ranks chartPin
Source: Jeunesse Global*

Here is a brief description of the achievement ranks:

  1. Associate – The first step after buying a starter pack. You’ll earn commissions from sales to customers and get retail sales bonuses. You can enroll other distributors, but it’s the only rank where you won’t earn commissions from their sales.
  2. Distributor – Here, you must get 100 CV in a single month in your first year. At this point, you start earning more commissions from sales of distributors that you enroll.
  3. Executive – Here, you must be active and have an active personally enrolled distributor within your right team and another within your left. This is where you start getting additional commissions like bonuses.

These are all the executive ranks:

  1. executive
  2. jade executive
  3. pearl executive
  4. sapphire executive
  5. sapphire 25
  6. sapphire 50
  7. sapphire elite

And these are the director ranks:

  1. ruby director
  2. emerald director
  3. diamond director
  4. double diamond director
  5. triple diamond director
  6. presidential diamond director
  7. imperial diamond director
  8. crowne diamond director

Pros and cons of Jeunesse’s compensation model

Jeunesse’s compensation model has some peculiar features that make it different from many others.

Here are the main downsides and advantages.

Cons of Jeunesse’s compensation model:

  • PV reset to zero: If you become inactive before achieving your required monthly PV minimum, the accumulated points are reset to zero. This is generally typical of many MLMs.
  • Annual renewal: A small annual renewal fee of $19.95 (in the US) is charged for your virtual Business Management System. However, it’s waived if you maintain 360 CV during the year.

Pros of Jeunesse’s compensation model:

  • Automatic monthly sales – With the Jeunesse Preferred program, your customers can get discounts while agreeing to automatic monthly delivery. That creates the potential for consistent income.
  • Bulk packages – The Create-A-Package and standard product package options give higher revenue per sale; hence, higher commissions.

Section 3 – Products

Finiti - Product by Jeunesse Global

This section focuses on Jeunesse’s product range, and information about product testing and certification.

What does Jeunesse sell?

Jeunesse sells a wide range of personal care and wellness products. These include nutritional supplements, skincare products, and fitness products.

According to the company, here are some of the best sellers:

  • Luminesce: A skin care line to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for a youthful look. The products in this line range from roughly $48 to $150.
  • Reserve: A nutritional supplement with antioxidants and containing exotic fruit juices. It’s priced at $151.
  • RVL: A hair care system with the Jeunesse exclusive HPT-6™ (a polypeptide technology). The products here range from roughly $37 to $143.

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Jeunesse’s customer rewards

Jeunesse also has a program to reward customers, called The Jeunesse Customer Loyalty program. Customers get loyalty points to redeem for free products.

Additionally, they can get free samples/ gifts plus extra loyalty points.

Are Jeunesse’s products tested and certified?

The world-renowned Cologne List® (Kölner Liste) certified the following Jeunesse products:

  • Naära Tangerine
  • RevitaBlū Berry
  • Reserve Fruit Blend
  • Finiti
  • m·mūn Algae
  • Monavie Açaí-Beere
  • NEVO Red Grape

The Cologne List serves as an initiative for doping prevention in sports. It lists food supplements tested by independent scientific laboratories to verify absence of any prohibited substances in competitive sports.

Independent review of Jeunesse

Various key oversight organizations have reviewed and identified inaccurate earnings claims and unsubstantiated health claims, which Jeunesse has taken action to rectify.

One oversight organization is the Direct Selling Self-Regulatory Council (DSSRC), which identified excessive earnings claims by Jeunesse’s distributors.

Another oversight organization, Truth in Advertising, Inc. (TINA.org) identified unsubstantiated disease-treatment claims of products by distributors.

Jeunesse took action by removing public posts on the earnings claims and implementing strict policies regarding accurate marketing by distributors.

Section 4 – FAQs About Jeunesse

Amway FAQ

In this section, we tackle the frequent questions about Jeunesse with brief concrete answers.

Where are Jeunesse’s products manufactured?

The products are mostly made in the US and exclusively formulated for Jeunesse.However, some products for various global locations may be manufactured in the respective countries, like the supplements manufactured in Australia for the Australian market.

Is Jeunesse an MLM company?

Yes, Jeunesse is a direct selling MLM company.

Is Jeunesse a pyramid scheme?

Jeunesse states that the primary income source of its independent distributors comes from the sales of products. That doesn’t fit the description of a pyramid scheme, which primarily earns through recruitment. Moreover, a 2018 class-action lawsuit filed against Jeunesse alleging that it’s a pyramid scheme was completely dismissed. Note that the dismissal was due to the court’s lack of subject matter jurisdiction (lacking the power to hear such a claim).


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